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Wow ~ WTF ??? New zoo review ~

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So DF & I have been off for awhile ~ not on the same page as all. He is the different end of the spectrum in regards of discipline. He is way more lennant than I. We used to discuss in the garage figure out best way to move forward.

He just told me that he & I don't speak like that bc I don't listen to him. Oh believe buddy I hear you I just don't agree with you n I am entitled to disagree. He made me out to be a little psycho ~ I have reached my tolerance level with my kids n I do lose my cool real quick because these kids don't hear me or do they listen to me. He said he has given up talking to me about the kids cause all he is , is collateral damage.

I heard him ~ I did. We use to have such mature discussions but not any longer.

Now we have resorted to no speaking of anything other than his job. Sick of the hallow relationship ~ it's childish. He feels like I don't want to argue so I say nothing. We have become "roommates" ~ so said ~ our relationship has deteriorated since the clean up after arguement over the kids. Small talk is old ~

He just said to me ~ do you know I just saw my daughter the other day. It's sad that I can share that with you do you know how much that hurts.

What I wanted to say ~ I have never stopped you from having a relationship with Veruca. Do I wish things could be different ~ yes. But Veruca has dictated how I treat her. She has/never will apologize but I am wrong cause I didn't ask how it went. I didn't ask cause ~ I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK !!! Put that in you hat n smoke it.

The secretive shit has brought me to a whole new level ~ secretive shit = lying.

So it went from how I don't value his opinion ~ to me being irrational with my kids ~ to me saying the "roommate deal " is OLD. To him seeing his daughter n not be able to share that with me.

I think I am ready for the straight jacket n the rubber room. I was mentally mind fucked before ~ not happen again.

I admit that I am open to hear his opinion but ..... Look how your kid turned out. Let's think again on your opinion there sparky.

Why would I want to hear about your bully of a daughter n how she feels n how she is n what she is doing with her life. Ummmm you didn't misinterpret my actions ~ she is someone I could careless about. Sorry I can't engage with you on this one. Her name will never cross my lips ~ unless you allow me to call her Veruca Salt. Can't do it.

I think your anger is deep seeded. I get extremely frustrated that my kids don't listen ~ I am tired of continually saying the same things. We might scream n yell but in the end ~ we understand n I do love them.

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I think any possibility of marriage is either out the window or will end in divorce quickly. A wedding will not help, don't do that thinking it will. It will get worse.

Admit to him you made a mistake. Admitting it ends any need for him to argue to save face. Tell him you'll be out of the house, or he should be, as soon as possible. End of month at the latest.

You have children, don't shack up or get married until they are out of high school and then only with a guy without children or also kids out of high school.

You can date anyone you wish, stay overnight if your kids are with Dad, just don't bring him home.