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Does she ever SHUT UP??

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Shut up....a word we were never allowed to use in my family as I was growing up...because it showed a sign of disrespect, that what you had to say didn't matter to the other person.

Sadly...that's exactly what I want to say to my SD...SHUT UP!! She just talks and talks and talks. I try to listen to her...but she rambles so damn much. I'm starting to think it's an attention thing...because she talks about complete nonsense. I've told her nicely that she doesn't have to talk all the time just to fill up blank space. But she keeps doing it....then when my DH is around, she says "I think I'm weird, do you think I'm weird? I think I'm weird." Just trying to get compliments and attention. I'm over it...and just walk away. Maybe she really does feel that way. I don't know, but she talks so damn much about so much nonsense, I just can't pay attention to it all.

I'm trying to watch American Idol now...and she has to talk before EVERY contestant. "Oh..I know this song...I know who this is...I'm going to sing with her....LISTEN TO ME!" Why don't you just scratch your nails down a chalk board? I told her that I would like to listen to the contestants and asked her to be quiet. She then got shitty and spit attitude. Then she started talking DURING the contestant's performance and said that she wanted to be a contestant on American Idol but she's not sure she would make it..and asked me if I think she would be good enough to make it. OMG...did I not just ask you to be quiet??

Why can't you keep your freaking mouth zipped? I don't want to come across as the wicked SM...but I swear she is pushing me so hard....I actually wouldn't mind turning into the Wicked SM for a night. I'm counting down the minutes until bedtime. Until then, I just sit here, sip on my cocktail, vent on this blog and listen to American Idol with commentary from bratty Veruca.

I have no children of my own and actually was considering it...Veruca has definitely become a major deterrent.

I feel bad for even speaking like this of a 9 year old....she's a kid. However, she has adopted so much of her BM's rotten character just seems impossible to work with her.

So I'll just use this to say what I really want to say...STFU you bratty kid. Zip it. }:)


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Is her dad sitting there too? What does he say to her when you have asked her to please be quiet and she continues?

My ex-SD14 was like this, she would talk over/through ANYTHING I was trying to watch, and also fancied herself singer, so any singing shows (I USED to love the Voice and Aus. Idol etc) she would be competing with the contestants. I'd politely tell her to STFU (that's paraphrasing Wink ) And she wouldn' - HE would tell her again, but not firmly because don't you know he loved listening to his little poopsie sing. I'd turn up the volume and she'd get louder.

SOOOO hated those days.

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Dad was napping on the couch in the other room. He's usually pretty good about putting her in her place. ... but lately he's been preoccupied with other things. ... so I've been I my own. Hence the reason I found this jewel of a website. I've only been on here two days and I am addicted! Thanks for the support.

P.S. I tried the turning up the volume technique. .. what a bust. .. had the same issue. DH thinks Veruca's voice is the sweetest thing he has ever heard. Personally I'd rather listen to the midnight song of an alley cat in heat. Maybe I should set up an appointment for him at an ENT. Lol

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DVR it and watch it later. Oh but wait SD9 would be busy telling you everything that happened and ruin it for you before you got to watch it.

Maybe you can take a roll of duct tape and wrap it around her head a few times?

~ Moon

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Moon....when I read your comment, I burst out loud laughing and woke up my DH. Lolol! He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was clearing my throat. ...lolol.. then he rolled over and went back to sleep. It's so nice to meet someone who has another ingenious use for duct tape. Love it!

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LMAO! ! YEAH YOU SOUND JUST LIKE HER!! I actually feel kind of bad bc .. what if she really has poor self esteem? That's not z laughing matter. ...but sometimes i just want to say, "Good Lawd child! Give it a rest.... you are an only child and a spoiled rotten one at that. The gig is up! "

Thanks for the B. Bears book Idea. I'll give it a go!

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My BS used to talk non-stop ALL the time when he was about 7 until he was 13. At 13, he would come out of his room, really this is true, every 15-20 seconds and say HI! And that was it. He is 17 now, but he will still just come out talking and never give a person a chance to start listening.

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This is my SD18. I came along when she was 9 and she always sucked the oxygen out of the room. So glad she is not a part of our lives. I don't think a lack of attention causes it. I think it is because they are the center of attention always and they need it forever.

I swear she is toxic and the most self centered person I have ever met.

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I guess I'm a mean mom and SM. If I ask the kids to please be quiet because I'm watching something and they continue I'll look at them and say "Hey! Zip it!" my DS will then usually ask for his kindle and SS will go to his room and sulk. I listen to them talk endlessly all the freaking time. When I'm watching tv (which is rare) I want to do it without interruptions.

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Ha, my SD is like this too, and almost the same age. We were watching a movie the other day and she came in halfway through and asked stupid questions for at least 20 minutes. "That guy? He looks like the other guy. They look the same. Don't they look like the same guy Daddy?" His tolerance is higher than mine, but he told her nicely to be quiet twice, and then told her to stop in no uncertain terms.

My (decade younger) sister did this once or twice. I used to pause the TV when she started talking and hit play when she stopped. Worked like a charm.

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When I was with my ex-SO I actually had a really special relationship with both of his daughters. I lucked out in the skids department, they were awesome, funny, bright and kind girls who loved me too. But maaaaaaaan, YSD was a talker. She woke up talking, went to sleep talking and flapped her gums every second in between. trying to watch Glee or American Idol was impossible as well because she would sing along to everything, it was crazy-making.
I remember one day I was on a serious time-crunch, trying to pack both girls overnight and equipment bags for a wknd swim meet and YSD was right on my heels "blah blah BLAH BLAHBITTY BLAH" while I was trying to concentrate. I finally stopped, gave her a big hug and then got down at eye level and said "Sweetheart? If you don't shut up I'm going to roll you in the carpet and shove you in the doghouse"

Problem solved! For about 10 minutes.