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Very Worried!!

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On me and my husband’s honeymoon we slipped up. Condom broke. Now I am late for my period. I am terrified because I have had 3 unsuccessful pregnancies and no successful ones! First one was an ectopic, ruptured my left tube at 10 weeks, I was bleeding internally and about died; they pumped 2 gallons of blood out of my stomach. Second was a miscarriage at 8 weeks; a lot of pain!! The last one was in October 2011 and it was another ectopic pregnancy, but in my right tube. I started having pain about 4 weeks in, and they kept putting it off because I wasn't far enough along. I had to deal with extreme abdominal pain for 2 weeks before the dead fetus swelled up my right tube 5CMs and they could see it on an ultrasound. Stupid doctors!! They had to do exploratory surgery, and found it was, in deed a ectopic pregnancy.

The surgeon said I had a lot of scar tissue on both tubes and have an 80% chance of continued ectopic pregnancies and only 20% of a successful one. I am terrified to find out I am pregnant again because I am scared I will just get my hopes up, just to loose another baby.

I just need encouragement, support and to hear if anyone else has had an ectopic pregnancy before.

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I've never been pregnant, let alone had any miscarriages, but my sister dealt with several over the course of 5 years before finally carrying a baby successfully to term.

I have little insight, but I'll be praying for you! Good luck and best wishes

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I never had an ectopic but did miscarry at 12 weeks about 5 years ago. It is a horrible and traumatic event that I am so sorry that you have had to go through more than just once. All I can suggest is that you get into an OB fast and insist on an internal ultra sound. The sooner you know if the fetus made it out of your tubes the better. I will be praying for you!

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Hugs, Stepmom. I lost an infant (born at 23 weeks) a few years ago after infertility treatments. Then this past year had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I told my dh just this week that I know I've been sufficiently traumatized because now when my period is late I am more terrified than hopeful. It is truly sad.

I pray that this all works out for you.

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no ectopic here. i was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (essentially early menopause) at 28. i can't imagine the pain of having a baby inside and then losing it. i just went through an embryo transfer on thursday and i'm in the awful waiting period now. it's terrifying to be sure.

you are in my prayers


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Oh, dear. That's scary.

If you don't want to get pregnant, I'd suggest using another form of BC with the condom.
As far as pregnancies go, I wish you the best. You've had a tough go.

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Thank you for all the prayers and blessings. Yes, I would love to have a baby, but as said, its more worry than excitement. Then, if I am pregnant, correct or not. Have to worry about health insurance and how to get it. Don't qualify for Medicaid of course and hubby has been trying to get me on a health insurance plan but hasn’t found one we can afford. The one him and his girls are on, wants to double the price for adding me and that’s before I get a physical and go through the process of telling them about my history; so after its all over it will probably triple! Then, all the insurances I have found, they will call it a pre existing condition and wont cover me anyways. What a mess!!