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Stepson's Fiance Says She is "Disengaging from US?

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Does anyone else see how funny, and incredulous this is? It has given us a good laugh.

The other night my DH was speaking with his son about his fiances rude and inconsiderate behavior towards us. Also, about how the SS is rude to me.

We had just received an "save-the-date" postcard from them announcing their wedding next year. It is a notice that is sent out before the formal wedding announcement. The postcard was addressed only to MR. DEAR HUSBAND.

My DH was letting his son know that he found this very offensive and rude towards him and me, his wife. His son was being dense.

I took the phone at one point, because the stepson was speaking about my posting here on these forums - and that upset my SS.

My SS was telling me how upset he was that I was doing posting here, and I was trying to calmly explain to him it is my right to post here - besides it is anonymous.

The conversation got strained, because he just couldn't see how he and his fiance were wrong to have searched for me here, and then have the gall to expect an apology from me.

My SS's fiance took the phone from him, and proceeded to "correct me" in my thinking that it was OK for me to post here. SHE didn't like it. Well SHE was the SNOOP, and SHE should mind her own business. I told her it was HER problem, if she hadn't snooped, she wouldn't have to read what I write. Of course she is in denial.

The conversation got around to how disrespectful she had been to her future father-in-law my DH, at his daughters wedding. This fiance had been the Maid of Honor for my DH's daughter.

The fiance's answer to my comment was "I had decided to 'disengage' from the relationship'!" :O Her reason for disengaging was because of what she had read here on these boards.

I almost laughed out loud at her. Here is this 22-23 year old snit,
correcting me - someone twice her age - and then acting like she is the "victim" and thus she needed to "disengage" from us. This ws reason for not treating her future father-in-law with respect - or me, his wife!

She has never been INGAGED since the first day we met her. She has often rolled her eyes at me, and treated us with disrespect. I could tell it was a new word she learned here on these boards. At least she learned something from coming here - snooping on me. Blum 3

I still shake my head and laugh to myself at her brashness. Biggrin What a self-important clueless person!

There is no dealing rationally with such a person.

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What an idiot...She has to know how immature she sounds. We have all been pretty clear on here what we think of people snooping about us. She sounds like the Daughter in law from hell. I would make sure she understands that you will not be donating any money to this wedding given how she has treated you and your DH.

She needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around her. Someday she will need her DH's family and if you treat people like this they won't be there when you do.

I had issues with my IL's in my first marriage, but ultimately my DH got sick and after many years of illness died. If I had not had a good network of people around me including my MIL and FIL and my Bio Parents and Step mom, I would have been very bad off. But, my In-laws were the ones that I counted on because they were my DH's family and they understood him.

She and your Stepson are fools and someday they may need their parents help and it won't be there. Let her "Disengage" and you guys do the same. Cut them off from all wedding money. People do not give money to ungrateful children. It is not a right, it is a gift. They definitely don't deserve it.

The good side to all of this is she is working herself up to be a great BM when she divorces your SS...Which you know is happening since we make so many mistakes when we are young. Good news is maybe she will get it right for her second marriage...