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Has anyone experienced this ? Sometimes I feel like SD thinks my role in this family is more of a maid than her father’s wife. I’ve been disengaged for a long time now but it still affects me. I am a stay at home mom only SO works and I do all the housework, my 2 BSs have few chores, as for SD I never ask her to do anything due to past misunderstandings with BM, each time she’s here I’m always in a bad mood, food everywhere (couch, table, kitchen counters), I used to teach her how to bake but I don’t anymore and she does it herself and messes the all kitchen, her room stinks so bad, I used to clean it but i stopped. Once she made a big mess in the kitchen and when SO asked her to clean she pointed at me saying “why should I, it’s her job” I was shocked and he told her it was mean to say that but she didn’t seem to care. Lately BM is seeing someone and we been having SD almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and when she noticed like anything like dirty dishes or so she goes get SO and says “dada , papa (with a baby voice) look it’s not well washed” or “ dada looks like mold on the kitchen sink, it don’t get cleaned well etc...” it’s driving me crazy, I keep feeling annoyed all the time, he don’t say a thing back till she eventually keeps quiet. I am just being bitter toward SD due to other conflicts I’ve had with SO about BM , I know this is petty but why am I so angry 

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In my opinion, your DH isn't saying enough to his ungreatful brat. He isn't correcting her enough when she makes comments to rat you out to your DH for not cleaning well enough. Since your DH isn't yanking your SD's chain, I would. Do it each and every time. How old is she? Why isn't she contributing? Also, go on strike. I know it'll be really hard if you're the type who likes a clean home, but it really is worth it to go on strike. It'll show your DH just how lazy and useless his DD is and he'll get so disappointed that he can't not do something about it. Either that or HE will have to clean it all up. I only cleaned when the SKs weren't there and it was DH who had to clean when they left so that I'd get a clean home at the beginning of non-SK time. My DH quickly became quite disappointed with the level of laziness and uselessness of his kids. If you're running around cleaning everything up, your DH won't see his precious poopsie's role. Bare her azz and you can do it by going on strike indefinitely.