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Should I go?

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For some reason DH wants to go camping and is asking me to go. I’m not a fan of camping. I had my fair share of it back in Basic Training. I don’t want to go but if I don’t I’ll feel bad. I have 2 dogs at home that need to be walked and fed so I would have to get my friend to pet sit for me and I hate asking on short notice. *sigh*

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I hate camping also! DH has been trying to get me to go for years and I always come up with a good reason not to go. I feel like DD6 is missing out on camping fun but my DH is the most unhandy man in the world. I can see us having major tent issues and ending up sleeping in the car.

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Sadly, DH is planning to camp in the middle of the woods. No camp site, just the woods. One of my dogs is 3 legged so there’s no way I would bring in out in the woods where there are hogs and stuff.