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Drac0's Inferno Part V

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*sound of clothes tumbling in a dryer in the background*

11:45 August 21st.

I just had to come down hard on Eve(il). All the children have iPads except for Eve(il) because she broke hers so she’s been trying to bully her way into using BS and BD’s iPads. My children are sharing with her but she is making up the rules as they go. At first it’s fair “you get a turn, then I get a turn”, but then she slowly starts hogging it “Oh I didn’t complete this level properly, I have to start over. Oh, I don’t want to play this game anymore, so I get to chose a new game”. I snatched the iPad out of her hands and said “You’re being a bully! What you think because BS and BD are smaller than you, you get to push them around and make up the rules as to who gets to play with their iPads? I DON’T THINK SO!”


It’s still raining.

Yes, the kids are going stir crazy.

Urm…I made the mistake yesterday when I was helping FIL with the BBQ. FIL says “Oh I should have brought ceramic plates to keep the food warm” and I said “Oh well, you’ll know for next time”. Immediately FIL’s eyes lit up! He took that as a sign that I am enjoying this trip and want to do it again.

Oh God, if he knew the truth…I really, REALLY can’t wait to get out of here.

Of course everyone is upset about the weather. FIL said if the weather doesn’t change nothing is stopping me and DW from leaving. And I’m thinking ‘Yes! Oh YES!’. I’m going to try and convince DW but I highly doubt she is going to agree. I’ll still make the suggestion. I mean…it’s not that I don’t enjoy camping per se. This place is nice but I just can’t stand SIL’s kids, ESPECIALLY Eve(il). For one, they are absolute slobs. They don’t pick up after themselves. You know? They’ll eat a candy bar and just throw the wrapper anywhere. So we’re constantly picking up after them. Mind you, SS is no better. He won’t throw the candy wrapper on the ground but he’ll give it to DW for her to take care of. That’s another thing, ever since we’ve got here, SS has been treating his mother like she’s his slave. “Mom? Can you get me a drink? Mom, can you get my flashlight? Mom, can you hang up my swim suit?” JESUS CHRIST KID! You’ve got working limbs and a heartbeat! Why can’t you do it yourself!?

Yeah…I’m having fun…It’s raining and there is 10 of us plus 1 dog stuck in a 6-man trailer. So you can imagine how much fun this is for me.

I snuck off to the laundry hut and I am going to take a shower

*A child in the background calls out “Mom? Are you here?”*

I better go!

*VR ends*

*New VR begins*

Second - or third – I can’t remember now – log entry for August 21st.

God spoke to me today.

He told me to build an ark.

Seriously, it’s rained so much here, the roads have actually washed out. We spoke to a resident who has a permanent dwelling here and has been coming here regularly for 7 years and he said he has never seen it like this. This same person has generously offered the use of his trailer to spend the night. He has an extra trailer that he is not using. He also has a family with 3 kids. He seems like a really nice guy. DW and I just came back from checking it out. If we were to draw a comparison, it’s like comparing a roach motel to the Hilton. So I think we are going to take him up on his offer. Plus, as a bonus, it’s dry!

Everything here is soaking wet. I don’t have a dry square inch on my body. I think if I just throw myself in the lake here I’ll feel dryer. The rain has let up a little bit but there is so much water everywhere and according to the weather forecast it’s supposed to rain again during the night. Our tent is leaking. I don’t think it’s going to hold out much longer before the inside is soaked.

Eve(il) is just WAY too much for me to handle, I cannot even look at her without resisting the urge to smack her. It’s not a place I want to be. I actually secluded myself in my leaky tent for a couple of hours just to avoid being near her. My kids on the other hand are being really good. I am so happy with them.

I’m going to stop here. Battery is low. Don’t know if I’ll make another entry today soooo…till next time.