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Question…SS14 failed now what

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DH received a call from SS14 school that he failed 8th grade and needs to attend summer school to move up to high school in the fall. SS14 is a total spoiled rotten brat who refused to attend school or do any school work the reason he failed. SS14 has also flat out refused to attend summer school. SS14 has been told he will repeat 8th grade if he refuses to go to summer school. SS14 said he does not care. I have a feeling when fall comes along and he's made to repeat 8th grade he WILL care and refuse to go back to school. Both bios suck at Discipline so Doubt any consequences will be applied for this refusal.


So my question is if SS14 refuses to attend summer school AND refuses to repeat 8th grade what will happen? In my state teens Legally need to attend school till 16 so will CPS step in if the parents can't get SS14 to return to school? 

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Ive read that its illegal for kids to not attend school, and that CPS will likely become involved.

What a horrible situation with your skids. Neither parent seems to care that they are failing in parenting. And they are losing opportunities to succeed in life. And will not launch properly, and will be dependent on parents for ....oh ....who knows how long.

Sometimes you can help, and sometimes you need to back waaaaaaaay off. I learned this the hard way!

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Time for this kid to live his life with a Truancy officer in his pocket and having his nose rubbed into the stench of his bullshit by a Judge.... over..... .and over..... and over.... again.

The good news is that the decent kids will not have to have their school experience putrefied by this kid.

From the perspective of teachers and class mates.... good riddance.

It is too bad that the next younger class will have to tolerate his crap.



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The school will send a Tudor to do home schooling. If that fails. ?  By the time this go through the courts he will age out.  Most likely make it a mental problem, as a excuse to dump him.   You can not do more then the bio parents,  if they fail there kid That on them

Now you just make sure SS doesn't start living with you. As when CS ends BM will try to dump him on any one who will take him.  Throw out your couch , So SS can't  start living on it. LOL 

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Well DH has typical divorce daddy guilt which SS14 knows how to Manipulate. Also DH is spineless when it comes to standing up to BM. DH says he's "taking the high road for SS14 sake" I call BS on this DH is just a coward and wants to take the easy way out. 

Now for BM since we have almost zero contact I just have to guess. BM is shorter than SS14 and SS14 can get violent if pushed so fear is part of it. The other is BM likes her Monthly child support so she doesn't want to push SS14 into doing something and BM  fail miserably. She knows DH Would jump at a chance to drag her back to court for custody if she screwed up. 

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He may not have to drag her back into court for custody if a truancy officer shows up at her door.

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I would the the chips fall where they may. Some parents don't want to parent without being made to by the authorities.

As long as one parent let's the kid get away with it that's the road the kid is going to follow. I would just wait until the school and CPS step in and BMs hand is forced.