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SS16, Dumber School, and Dumbest BM

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BM2 apparently called DH on Friday to tell him that SS had to go to Dumber School because he failed Art, Gym and something else (DH couldn't remember what) DH said BM made it sound like he hadn't started Dumber School yet, I said "well then she's lying, because summer school started on 7/6 and I know you can only miss 3 days and you are done.. no credit." DH said whatever he really didn't care. He also said that BM2 told him that she told SS16 that if he doesn't shape up that she is sending him to live with us. Fuck that! DH said he told her no, that is not going to happen. He said he knows it would be the same disaster as when SD17 lived here. NOTHING would change other than the punks location and then we'd have BM2 calling and inserting herself every fucking day as opposed to the rarely we hear from her now. NO. NO. NO.!

So, because I have little birdies everywhere }:) ... I just so happen to have a friend who (I thought) was teaching summer school this year, so I messaged her and apparently she is only subbing, BUT guess where she is subbing today? ART! So I told her to let me know if SS16 was there. Got an email this morning that he was there, but arrived tardy, she also went back and checked his attendance and he has missed 1 day and been tardy 3 times AND in summer school, 3 tardies= 1 absence. So, folks, that means that SS16 has one more tardy or one more absence and he is done.. no credit which means he will be a 10th grader again this fall. Mind you, the punk lives literally TWO fucking blocks from the high school!!! And BM is a PT waitress so the earliest she ever goes to work is like 11:00.

Oh AND BM2 told DH (while telling him about SS and Dumber School, repeating 10th grade etc.,) that SS16 wants to go to college. LMFAO!!!!! If the kid can't manage to walk two blocks to show up for fucking Art and Gym, I don't think he's going to cut it at college, fucking dip shit BM! But ya know, she's just looking for any excuse to keep that CS money rolling in! Gawd, I fucking hate her!


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SERIOUSLY! What I will NOT have is this horse crap that has been going on ever since SS started school, where he stays home if he's tired, has a hangnail, etc. or if BM2 has a hangnail, butt fungus, whatever he stays home too, because it would be much too difficult for her to get him to school ya know. Now she wants to say shit like "SS is moving in with you if he doesn't shape up?" Hell to the no. I'm not "fixing" another lifetime BM fuck up, because as we learned with SD17, at this age there IS NO FIXING this shit. grrrrrrr.

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The longer they stay in high school - in most states - the longer the mothers collect child support. Cha-ching!! And parents can not force emancipation. That is an action taken by the child themselves. If the parent moves to terminate support based on lack of effort to graduate and the child "promises" to turn over a new leaf and "try", the court will find evidence of need for support until school is completed. In my state it can go until age 22 so long as they continue to swear up and down that they really waaaaaant to graduate and they are tryyyyyyying! And since the support legally belongs to the child - not the parent even though they are the one who receives it - that is all that counts.

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It is brutally child-centric. My state is not even one of the worst. At least there is no obligation for post-high school payments unless the parent allows themselves to be bullied into signing a support agreement that includes it and that is their own fault if they do. But it is 18 OR completion of high school which can go up to the state mandated age cut off of 22 - which ever comes later. Can you imagine?

Can you imagine having a 15 year old kid in school sitting next to a classmate who is legally allowed to purchase alcohol? But it happens.

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Exactly.. that is her plan without a doubt. We live in the shit ass state of NY which means CS goes to 21, unless he moves out, goes to jail, gets married or dies. Jail or moves out are our best options. I have no clue who she thinks is going to pay for this special "College" that SS is supposedly going to attend?? DH sure as shit is not. SS plays no sports and obviously does not have the type of grades that would get him any kind of scholarship and while BM2 can "afford" to flit off to California, go to UFC fights, and Lord knows all the shit we DON'T know about, she CAN'T "afford" to buy him a $30.00 fishing license and can't "afford" to drive him 15 minutes across town to do boxing (which is the only thing the kid has shown a lick of interest in) so BM2 sure as shit is not paying for college.

Again, it's all a ploy to keep that CS rolling in and I bet she'll pull it off somehow, cause boy when it comes to free money, she's got her PhfuckingD.