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Those of you who have high school age kids.....

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SD who is in high school seems to miss alot of school and her grades are anything but good(C and D's). So far this year she has had 16 absences and 10 tardies. BM says she has problems with her periods which maybe true BUT this does not seen to effect her on the weekends or over the summer. Nether DH or BM really think this is a issue I was just thinking 16 absences was alot and that could be playing a big factor into why her grades are so poor. Thoughts?

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You know for a fact attendance affects grades. You don't need us to tell you it does. Anyone who isn't a delusional, crappy parent knows attendance affects grades.

But you can't care more than these crappy parents.

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My oldest is a 9th grader. He has 10 absences and no tardies . His grades are As and Bs. BUT...He is a high achiever and knows that his job is to do his schoolwork. In our home, we accept the fact that poor grades happen. Zeros are unacceptable.

He is in honors classes and has been in accelerated curriculum classes since 3rd grade. 

I don't buy the absences result in poor grades. It's a lack of parenting IMO.

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I work at a high school, 12 absences from any class, per semester, and you have to repeat the class. Of course there are exceptions for chronic illness, etc. but that is the general rule.