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O/T Any gamers around?

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Just wondering if anyone games at all? I haven't played WoW in long while but was thinking of checking it out again. I also play Diablo 3 and Hearthstone. Console-wise I've been playing Fable 2 again because it was the best one. I don't get to play a whole lot but when I have a little down time, these are kinda my go-tos lately when the dog is tired and I don't feel like reading lol Smile

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I've started playing Fable 3 again. I can't wait until the new one comes out.

I love the SIMS and I have some smaller games on my tablet I mess around with.

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Ya canny hit me...hahahahahahaa

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Aaah, yeah I grew up with consoles, it's just who I am I don't get crazy with it, I'm not super competitive, I just like the immersion from time to time, ya know?

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Binge Gamer here.

Currently playing "Evoker" and "SimCity Build it" on the iPad.

ETA: Played a demon hunter on Diablo 3 but I couldn't get into it as much as its predecessors

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DEMON HUNTEEERRRRRR! The ferrets are my favorite companions!
I'm still kind stuck on Sims3 Supernatural too. I tend to hop from game to game, although Fable 2 has me pretty hooked again, playing through as evil this time, it actually makes me feel kinda guilty lol

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Diablo, Civilization and Skyrim have monopolized most of my time. In fact, when DW asked me who I had the longest relationship with, I answered "Sid Meiers".

The problem with playing "evil" in any video game I find is that there is no grey area. You're either a champion of Good, or you are a Nazi hell spawn willing to kill your grandma for a nickel. Where is the middle ground?

Anxiously waiting to get my hand on Witcher. I saw the trailer and it looks awesome! Medieval Fantasy with HBO subject matter! Huzzah!

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Fus Ro Dah my brother, I was SICK for Skyrim lol

And yah, you're spot on with the whole good vs. evil thing...there is NO middle ground...there's a little neutrality in Fable 2, *shrug*

Also, HOLY DAMN WITCHER MAKES ME WISH I HAD NO CHILDREN AT ALL...I'll keep my dog though. Seriously cannot WAIT to get my mitts on that game.

WoW is where I met my dh lolz, he plays more than I do, but like everyone else around here, not much time for any of it. Little half hours here and there after work, after walking the dog and before running to pick up this skid or that one.

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Fus Ro Dah!

When my BD was still a baby, one of the best ways I would get her to sleep was to have her lying in my lap while I played Skyrim. The soundtrack would soothe her to sleep. I actually have the soundtrack at work and listen to it all the time.

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Hey I forgot to ask, you ever play Guild Wars 2? I tried it and liked it well enough, didn't get into pvp with it though, maybe just be too set in my ways with WoW pvp.

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I purposely stay away from WOW, despite my friends and my brother dragging me (no, I mean like "physically" draging me) to the computer to try it out. I just cannot afford the time to get into it. I just have way too many things to do.

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I played. I'm currently back to Guild Wars Factions and Nightfall. I wish 2 had all the cool stuff but had the graphics of the original.

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I couldn't get down with the Wii, I was afraid I'd throw my shoulder out waving the controller around with the Harry Potter game lol'

DH only plays WoW - I could never get him into anything else Blum 3

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Korialstrasz...been there since year 2

90 Undead Mage Biggrin

Never too much got into MC, still on the fence with Firefly.

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Minecraft Xbox live is the only one I play and that itself has been a while, like 3-4 months.

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So nice to know that I've found yet more of my tribe on this site Smile

Off to the airport to pick up dd! Have a great night everyone!

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Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Skyrim. Try Lord of the Rings Online. It's free and free to play and almost as good as Warcraft.

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A long while back I tried: Conan, Rift, LOTR and Runescape...I think WoW spoiled me Blum 3
I beta tested Skyrim online and hated it, super disappointed...thinking about trying Heroes of the Storm..I dunno

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I forgot I secretly play my daughters Hello Kitty Hair Salon game on my phone ... I might be on LV10.

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I know I'm a bit late to the discussion but I'm currently obsessed with Diabolo 3 and Final Fantasy 14! The joys of having a partner who works weekends and a skid who only visits every few weeks for an hour or so at a time!