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Driven to drink

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*singing* Summertime... and the drinkin' is easy...

Lately, I have found myself craving a buzz to take the edge off of how irritated I am by the skids and H's ridiculous ways. I'm thinking about figuring out how to get sangria into an IV drip.

What's your favorite, go-to cocktail to help you unwind after your skids have grated on your nerves all day/week?

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Ben and Jerrys Chocolate fudge brownie and a glass of white wine is my favorite way to unwind. I try to limit it to twice a month though. But sometimes I agree the IV drip sounds like a welcome release.

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sweet-tea vodka mixed with crystal light lemonade!! Perfect way to take the edge off after being around the skidmark

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I can't drink alcohol because of all the pills I take! ha! Smile but I love Ben and Jerrys half baked! yum yum or hagen daas coffee almond crunch....very good. I went on a binge of ice cream bars for about two weeks straight -- total comfort eating for a while there. If I can drink I love a good cosmo ....mmmmm yum!

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Deffo agree with the stress leading to emo eating ....and drinking !!!! Funny thing is that since SD21 moved out 2 years ago I have lost over 60 lbs !!! Feeling happier has led to more positivity in my life !!!

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I just made a batch of limoncello from Meyer Lemons... 6 bottles... I hope it lasts me through the summer, but that's not looking very likely
(I drink alot latey!)

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Have to agree with sourgirl27 on that! I think you must have been VERY bad to get that kinda sentence!!