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OMG I almost forgot!!!

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One of the attorneys reached out as BM told her attorney that she has photos of us (BF and I) being intimate.  NO PHOTOS OF US DOING THAT EXISTS....Yes, we sexted years ago but that's it.  

Custody case still going, reconvened after the holidays.  It is going to be interesting to see what she comes up with....This woman is cooked!!!!!

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Claims SS found them and gave her her...yeah rightttttt!!!!!

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And photos of you and BF being intimate has what to do with child custody? The answer is NOTHING. You and BF are adults and adults have sex. This woman will totally come off as woman scorned if she uses those "photos" in court. Keep letting BM show her crazy. 

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BM sounds a bit loose in the rafters - even if such photos did exist, I can't imagine their relevance to anything, least of all custody.  Adult partners have sex, this is pretty uncontroversial. 

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She's using this to prove that I am a "skank".  She said I am held to a higher standard because I'm a nurse, that she doesn't want SS around someone like me, and that only a sl*t would sext (but I guess it's ok to sleep with married men). She acts like she is a saint and claims I no morals and doesn't want SS around me.  Tells everyone who listens that I'm a skank.


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It's not 1950. No one cares if you are having sex with him (except her apparently).  I don't know why her attorney hasn't fired her yet. 

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Go by the same playbook. They've spent aftermath of the divorce playing poor single mum syndrome and my horrible exhusband abandoned me blah blah blah. 
meanwhile she was having an affair whilst married to him, while she was in court claiming the poor single mum card, she was hobagging around and had hubby #2 lined up.

She's basically spent aftermath of the divorce playing victim or claiming she is such hot property she could get any man in an instant (what the community also refers to as a hoe), so when exhubby meets a much nicer, younger, prettier and educated woman, batshit crazy exwife plays the whole she's a slutty half naked hoe!!

my husband's ex said the same shi*!! Actually called hubbys elder sister ranting how my husband was no longer muslim, had converted to Christianity for his half naked christian hoe. All along i had been born and raised a muslim and worn the hijab since 20 yrs ago,

sd's confront bio mum who now claims she is a born again muslim woman. Frankly if she does show courts a pic of you having sex with your husband, take legal action against her and ask the judge to order her to cease harassing you and covertly taping you etc in your home. 
if ss is covertly videotaping you, your husband needs to put firm boundaries. 

frankly any skids who disrespect my boundaries and privacy, will not reside in my home. I made that clear to my husband who actually bought another home for me in my name and made it clear they were not welcome due to their toxic crap

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Firstly, nurses are allowed to have private lives. 

Secondly, please ensure that your bf's lawyer brings up her terminology for you in court. She is showing utter disrespect for the other parent's partner and should not be using those words in front of SS. THe lawyer should make a point of showing how she is using her language as an alienation tactic ... and alienation is strictly forbidden, I believe.

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I can't wait for your attorney to ask that question while she is on the stand. 

Then once it is in the court record, review it with her kid. In an age appropriate manner.  It worked wonders in protecting my Skid from the shallow and polluted end of his gene pool.  He learned to recognize their noxious manipulative stench and call them on it in real time. As he grew more knowledgeable and confident they became more unstable and started to withdraw. By the time he aged out from under the CO at 18, they were pretty much pummeled into submission. Because they knew he knew the truth, facts, history, etc.... once he launched into adulthood it did not take long for them to disconnect completely.  One last toxic effort to get him to pay them "CS" out of his USAF pay direct withholding to help support his three younger also out of wedlock Spermidiot spawned half sibs by two other baby mamas and they crawled into their hole and pretty much stayed there.  He shut down that request with a fairly firm hand.

Everything  you can induce her to put into the court record, gives you more ammo to roll up and beat her about the head and shoulders with.

As he got older my son (Former SS) would dig into our Custody/Visitation/Support file cabinet drawers to do his own research when the toxic drivel spouted by his SpermClan did not pass the smell test.  When he would catch them in a lie it would upset him because he just did not understand why or how they would do that to him. Particularly it would piss him off that they would lie to him about his mom.   So his next visit to SpermLand for visitation would often start with a call out on their lies and him giving them clarity on the facts.

They hated that.


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A new attorney 


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Oh, so he did fire her. Hopefully this one will too. But some are willing to just collect the fees knowing their client will lose. 

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To say  that BF is careless in letting SS find the photos, and doesn't want "her son" around us....but no photos I said it will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

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Oh come on, that's so idiotic. The most that would happen is that they'd wag their finger at him and tell him to put a passcode on his phone. To me, this is a perfect example of the way in which Family Court is broken. A judge should just throw this nonsense out but they will go on for months or years addressing it. And attorneys who represent clients who bring such frivolous crap to court should be censured.  If she has nothing more against your BF than not liking his GF, it should be immediately dismissed. 

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Hubby didn't take them and neither did you so that bullshi* story he left the pic out carelessly for ss is really ss took pics of you both. 

op, are you locking your bedroom doors for sex time or when you are sleeping together at night for example? Ours is always closed and even when hubby leaves for work, he always pushes the lock in so door closes after him.

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SS has nothing to do with me.  I am not around during visits and have NEVER slept over when SS is around.  Thats why I know she is lying.  

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Judges also notice that when people change attorneys often it usually means something.

Wow that is so crazy. Why does she think any of this matters? Also how weird to have your kid purposefully go looking for things of this nature. Messed up in the head is right. I don't think all of her sleuthing or fake evidence will win her anything in the end except make her come across as being insane. 

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Just a thought... you may want to do a sweep of your bedroom to make sure that no hidden cameras exist there.  

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I hate to say it but ... this is worth checking. Should you find any, take them straight to the police.

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I never met her, BF doesn't think so.  I think she may just collect something off of the internet and pawn it off as us.

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She held onto the sexting texts by the lawyer and she said she is “panicked beyond belief” that I exist and she feels that she cannot walk the streets safely because of me, and needed them in case I "did anything" to her.  Mind you I've never met her, spoke, texted or reached out via social media. 

I don't believe SS did this.  She is lying.  There are no photos of us doing that....The hits just keep on coming with this one!  What does it mean to gaslight her? I'm intrigued....

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So BM is claiming that the only reason that she is holding onto private messages, that she likely obtained illegally, between you and BF, is to essentially blackmail you in the event you ever do anything to her... WOW. 

You can easily gaslight this BM. Make her look like an even bigger idiot. BF should tell BM that you guys have never photographed intimate moments, so you are 100% certain that photos do not exist. Tell BM that it is really disturbing to know that she likely put a camera outside one of your windows or she is stalking you from outside the home to capture intimate images. Call her out for being a peeping Tom! Tell BM that it is really perverted that she would do that and then hold onto said photos. If BM claims that SS took them, tell BM that it is really disturbing that BM would pressure SS to photograph intimate moments between the two of you. Tell her it speaks volumes to her parenting that she would want to subject SS to such adult content and that she would be raising SS to believe it is acceptable to be a peeping Tom. 

If she backpeddles and denies doing that, then tell her it is impossible for the images to be you and BF, since you know none exist, and it is really disturbing that she would search the internet for pornography to pass off as you and BF to try to advance herself in court. Let her babble and try to explain her way out of this one. 

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I suggest you take a trip to your local police station, tell them that you and your bf are being stalked/harassed and see if you have enough on her to obtain a restraining order (between the sexting messages, invasion of privacy, claims of naked photos, etc.) ... Can you imagine her reaction if you hit her with that?

Personally, I think she just has a sick obsession with your bf and, in her twisted little way, is trying to win him back by discrediting you.

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I agree with winterglow about everything. It's harassment. You could also have a lawyer draft a cease and desist letter possibly. 

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OMG, that would be truly cringe-worthy. If it were true, I'd be contacting CPS ASAP. 

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I don't believe SS found anything or took photos of us.. 10 to 1 she will show up with photos of random strangers doing the deed and claim they are BF and I.  

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BF's phone was checked at the Tech store and found no apps installed.  He is waiting for the phone records to come in from the carrier to see dates/times she hacked his account (Illegal in this state even if one accidentally accessed an account).

GAL has been hired by his attorney and is working with him forthwith.

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"BF should tell BM that you guys have never photographed intimate moments, so you are 100% certain that photos do not exist"

He already told her that....Then she showed up to court with the ENTIRE thread of our sexting from years ago..LOSER!

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Text messages are different from photos of the two of you doing the deed. If BM is claiming to have those, then either she took them, SS took them, or BM grabbed photos off the internet. Either way, call her out on it and make her look like the biggest pervert ever. 

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What a lunatic! She seriously should be locked up! Even worse the courts entertain this woman's absurd accusation. 

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IMHO it is far past time to start the comprehensive set her up and bare her ass campaign with this dipshit BM.  I can't wait until she bares her own ass in court. Were I you, I would have my attorney instructed to go for her throat when she spouts her delusional crap on the stand.  Literally leave her a quivering sniveling wreck by dissecting each and every one of her bullshit clams with documented proof that she pulled her shit, that her shit is .... shit, and when she is a wreck have her served in court with a defamation/etc... suit.  Put her living under the local over pass. 

Take her kid and keep him as far away as possible from that toxic mass of crap semi-human cells.

My XW was nowhere as F-d up as the BM in your blended family adventure but I had to box her in and make it perfectly clear that if she wanted a legal fight, there would be nothing about her that would not become public record and that I would have complete court records forwarded to her family if she kept her shit up.  After I had her BSN revoked for academic fraud.  Even her attorney fired her when he saw the notarized copies of every college paper she turned in over 3+ years in my handwriting and then the typed and graded versions. He was an Adjunct professor at that university's law school.

Notarized copies of her diary pages recounting every F-k fest lunch she had for our entire 2.5 year marriage, in her hand writing, plus the clear evidence of academic fraud caused her to STFU and stay under her rock.

The whole divorce started out reasonably. She informed me she wanted the divorce, proposed the property settlement, which I accepted, then she went crazy.  Night shift in the NNICU with an entire staff of divorce's, my as it later turned out federal felon former MIL grousing in her ear to take everything, shifted her from reasonable and fully aware that she was the cause of the divorce to self delusioned vindictiveness.

At that point it was game on for me.  

Her original settlement proposal was implemented with the added advantage to me that the Judge ordered all other property distributed as possessed and...she had moved out of the house. I possessed the house, it was my house. 3 years later she ended up buying me out of MY house for a nice 5 figure windfall.  Her geriatric Fortune 500 executive Sugar/Baby daddy ended up being beneficial to me. The check for the house buy out was a personal check from him.  That check paid off my engineering school loans.

My point is, tolerate no crap from the toxic.  They punish themselves by their choices. It is our duty to apply the consequences that they choose.

IMHO of course.