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Note to Disney Dads (or any parent): Don't automatically believe your kids, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!

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I posted this on the main site but thought I'd post it here too.

I saw this show today on Dr. Phil about a girl who even Dr. Phil describes as a manipulator.

Her parents thought that, because she had excellent grades, she was trustworthy.

They thought she was going to see friends.

They thought she was playing games on her laptop.

She was really going to see grown men she met and was dating online.

She really was chatting with grown men on the internet. She was dating a married man who committed suicide.

She really was going to a park, where a grown man molested her. She was 12 when this happened.

She witnessed a murder.

The married man she dated killed himself and she saw his body.

So to all Disney Dads, take the time to check on your kids and truly make sure they are visiting friends. Make sure they are truly playing games on the computer. Don't be gullible and believe them at their word. Take the time to get to know what's going on in their lives.

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This really should be something ALL parents do, regardless of whether they are together or not. It's so easy for kids to get into trouble, and as parents, we should expect that they will find some. It's our job to help them find their way, let them learn some lessons w/o getting in too deep, and steer them to becoming productive members of society.

Sadly, too many parents - of all sorts and for many reasons - miss that boat.