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Princes William and Harry seem like nice sks

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Does anyone else feel the same?

I think they get along with Camilla. Now, I know it could be the royal family putting on an act, but don't think so.

When they had the memorial service for Diana, they invited both their dad and Camilla. Camilla elected not to attend. I know Diana detested Camilla (who wouldn't?) but I don't think she'd want her boys to be rude to her.

They just seem like good-hearted guys.

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"I have read a lot about Diana and I think she must have been kind of mentally ill. I think she was beautiful and interesting but she had flaws."

That's what I've heard and read. I also believe she was bipolar or something. She was beautiful. She was kind. She was loving. But she had flaws too.

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royal or not, there is a gender issue here. the two young men are princes and their father is a prince. they are all male.

i agree that royals are not like other people. they are trained in duty. marriage has little to do with love, but the modern monarchy may be changing.

it would perhaps be different if the two children were female and had a father. there would be no (or less) jealousy issue for all males.

bottom line: if an adult child wants his or her father happy, he/she will approve of the person the father chooses to remarry. to wish other than this is immature on the part of the children.