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Note to Disney Dads (or any parent): Don't automatically believe your kids, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!

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I saw this show today on Dr. Phil about a girl who even Dr. Phil describes as a manipulator.

Her parents thought that, because she had excellent grades, she was trustworthy.

They thought she was going to see friends.

They thought she was playing games on her laptop.

She was really going to see grown men she met and was dating online.

She really was chatting with grown men on the internet. She was dating a married man who committed suicide.

She really was going to a park, where a grown man molested her. She was 12 when this happened.

She witnessed a murder.

The married man she dated killed himself and she saw his body.

So to all Disney Dads, take the time to check on your kids and truly make sure they are visiting friends. Make sure they are truly playing games on the computer. Don't be gullible and believe them at their word. Take the time to get to know what's going on in their lives.


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Even if she's in the room with you when she's using it, I hope FDH looks at her browsing history at least once a week. Or puts parental controls on the laptop/internet.

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My skids are only 5 and 7, so we don't deal with this too much just yet. But I can see my DH being similar to yours .. he's a police detective here so he knows what trouble can come out of these things ..'s picture

OMG this is what FDH does- everything goes back to her doing good in school- this girl has had unsupervised, unlimited internet access for years on all social networking sites. Ridiculous! FDH doesn't check her phone or nothing- i completely disagree. Looks like this family had to learn the hard way!

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DH and I have talked about this. We have decided to put the tracking on the girls' cell phones as soon as they get them, but not tell then that we did. Hopefully it will help us to better check up on them.

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im watching it now. i think there is far more to this then what were seeing. noone is that blind.

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My DH always says, that between the ages of about 11 to 23 young people are not to be trusted. If their lips are moving, their lying. I'm beginning to believe in that statement more & more.

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This is why all the computers and laptops in my home my children use have a monitoring program I use sspro and it's also how I got the proof of some of the vile things my exh was up too behind my back. That and our family computer faces out to the living room and everyone can see visibly what they are doing