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This is not a vent, but I felt compelled!

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So I know we all come here to vent, but I felt compelled to post this. My Skids drive me nuts and not because they are rude or disrepctful so much, but more because they are lazy, slobs with a sense of entitlement who have total whack job scum bags BM's.

So anyway, we had both Skids this weekend and I almost fell over when I walked into the kitchen to find them doing the dishes! (nobody asked them to either!) My hubby did have a conversation with them at their last visit that they needed to pick up their messes when there, that we are not the maid and butler. (But we have never asked them to do chores) Now, SD12 admitted that it all started when SS11 decided to wash JUST HIS pan from the morning before so that HE could have eggs. (because I refuse to be their maid and won't do their dishes and hubby wasn't home to do them, their dishes from the day before were still in the sink) But SD decided to do the other dishes as well. AND she guilted SS into drying the dishes and helping her put them away (even after I told them they didn't have to)

Gotta give SD credit, I have seen her maturity level increase in the past few months and was very proud of her and both hubby and I told her so. Now I promise that if SD is not there to guilt him, SS will not lift a finger to do anything, but perhaps she can be a good role model and when he sees her getting the praise, he will want to join in. (they are VERY competitive!) Smile

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That happened at my house too.   I was so shocked when SS did his dishes, all of his dishes from his midnight creation.    So maybe something is getting through to them.  Glad it happened at your house, now for the repeat .  

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One act of responsible behavior does not a responsible person make.

But... it is a start.

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I know that's right... my SD 10 surprised me by doing the dishes with out being asked and I thought omg wow! Nope later that day she was back and worse to being her bossy , rude , bratty baby self....