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BM is such a stupid, worthless piece of crap.......

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So long story short, DH is on permanent disability due to the fact that he was hurt on the job when he was a police officer and can't even do desk duty. He applied for SS benefits and received them just before I met him. Of course that means that his children (skids)receive benefits as well. So when BS1 was about 9 months old I went and applied for benefits for him. I had put it off at first because in my silly head, I was thinking of it as welfare, unemployment, free money type gig and I didn't want any part of it. Then my dad talked some sense into me and stressed the fact that my SON is entitled to beneifts, that's it's not money for ME, so with all the taxes that I and DH pay, why would I not want to get those benefits for him?

When I applied, what I didn't realize was that by BS1 receiving benefits, that would reduce the amount of benefits the skids get as there is a max amount.. so it just gets divided up between the three kids. I almost backed out then because I KNEW the drama that was going to ensue when BM's realized their $ was going to be reduced. Surprisingly BM#1 was not an issue, she said she understood that obviously BS1 was entitled to the money as well, so it is what it is. But not skanky ass BM#2, because as usual it's ALL ABOUT HER! Here's the text she sends DH today...

BM: I still don't understand why SS12 gets the same amount as a child who is living with you? I am struggling as it is here.

You stupid, fucking, selfish bitch. First of all, why is she texting DH, HE doesn't do the calculation, HE doesn't cut the checks... call Social Security if your puny little brain can't understand simple math. Second of all, it is NOT about YOU! The money is supposed to be for THE KIDS!... has SS12 EVER seen a dime of the over $10,000.00 she has received for him over the past few years? Does he have this money that you have been receiving ON HIS BEHALF in a savings account somewhere?? HELL NO! Her last line, sums it up...I, am struggling... She has counted on every free freeking ride that she can get from the time she was born. Mind you, she works MAYBE 15-20 hours a week on a good week.... that is not my son's fault, not DH's fault... TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING SELF FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! How bout work some more hours at your shitty waitressing job... seriously one or two extra shifts, is it really THAT difficult?? Why would my son not be entitled to the same benefit that SS12 gets... just because she is a loser skank??? The difference is BS1 money goes straight into a savings account for him AS IT SHOULD BE! I seriously wish this stupid waste of space BM would just disappear already!

Ok glad I got that vent out... sorry for the language

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I know how you feel. My boyfriends ex wife receives child tax credit each month for over $600 for two boys. One son who I unfortunately wished lived with his mother, spends 98% of his time with his father. The father had called the ex to request less then half of the child tax credit each month and she laughed at him and hung up the phone. I actually picked up the form and made him sign the forms to apply for the child tax credit because he and her have joint custody of the boys with no stipulation of how much time is spent with each parent. She is in for a big surprise when her dope money stops each month for the next six months. We will see who is laughing then. Well I probably won't because I can't stand to be in the same room as the 12 yr. old spoiled brat he has living with him.

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That money is for her expenses and you can not dictate what she spends it on. I collect SSI for my son (father deceased) and that goes to the mortgage every month. I keep a roof over his head and do not need to explain to anyone how much is saved for BS. It is not my son's money it is mine to offset the expense of raising him since I have no support from his father.

She is entitled to a specific amount no more no less. There is nothing anyone can do it is SSI's formula. She will get over it. I wouldn't let this bother you.

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What a bitch! That sounds just like my SD's BM. All she cares about is money. The bitch gets 578 a month now. She is always going on vacations, etc. While we have to scrape by after we pay our bills. It is tax free money to them, but yet my husband has to pay taxes on that income. oh it pisses me off!! I am not suprised at all that she is upset that her money is getting cut. What suprises me is that BM #1 was okay with it. That is a rare occasion right there.

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>>What suprises me is that BM #1 was okay with it. That is a rare occasion right there.>>

Trust me, DH and I were floored by this as well!

I guess what pisses me off the most is that BM#2 for some reason things that HER son is entitled to more than my son? WTF? Doesn't matter if my son lives with Donald Trump, he is still entitled to the same amount as her son.