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BM Mother of the Year... yet again!

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So when school started this year of course scumbag BM calls DH wanting money for school clothes for SS. Big fight ensued, DH said no, BM started spewing about all the wonderful things she does and buys for SS (trust me..... NOT!)

So yesterday we get a letter in the mail from SS school. He has now been tardy 21 times this year and has 6 unexcused absences since January. Wow, BM! you must be so proud! You've managed to make your kid late 21 times!! I know it's really hard when you are so pressed for time with your part time job that requires about 10-15 hours per week out of you! Keep up the good work!

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Let's not forget along with those absences all that never turned in/never finished assignments!

Just glanced at Venus De Milo's grades and talk about abyssmal. . .and oh yes, the lates are stacking up as well as the unexcused absences!!!

Of course we know that these skids are SpEcIaL and so school and grades just aren't important for them.

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i would bet money, if skids didn't take the bus from bm's house, skids would miss a lot more days..... on days bm stays home from work with a hang over or doesn't feel like going in, she lets skids stay home, too.. guess so they can "take care" of her loser ass or keep her company

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Well, I know that MY SD17.5 doesn't need any edjekashun!

She's got her BM to teach her how to leach off the system and baby daddies!

Since she already has a baby almost a year old, wouldn't it be time to pop out another one? Maybe with another guy - one who isn't so young and can afford MORE CS???

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WEll you cld have my BM....bitch gave a fifty to the ss13 for apparently getting a good school report then demands my DH do something for him....look I agree a good school report is worth celebrating but why buy them....take the prick out to dinner and we can all share the success!!!

but oh no....little turd demands new this and that = totally $200

Dh says he wanted to do something for him for doing so well...

WTF....its just BM's idea of wots good in this world...they way the little shit speaks to his step mom (me) and my kids and his total refusal to cooperate with us should be reason enough to teach him a lesson so he knows that school reports are not wat makes one a good person

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oh THAT sounds familiar!!! We got a report card with 19 tardies in a 2 month period. During conference, teacher was disgusted. I'd like to say that documentation was helpful in court, but nope. judge enver even read it. Surprise!

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Yeah, I work in a neighboring school district and know that excessive tardies and unexcused absences go on their permanent record and should he get in trouble in the future (which is pretty much a guaranateed) they can use that against him and if he hasn't already, he is going to start getting detention and then suspension for all of his tardies and unexcused absences.

I started to tell DH all this, then figured what is the point?? DH can't do anything about it... oh sure he can call and chew BM out, but it won't change anything, so I saved my breath... let them figure it out the hard way, not my problem.

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That would make me homicidal if I saw that DD wasn't getting to school on time/at all while she was with her dad. LIVID.

I can't offer you any help, but I am sorry you have to deal with that.