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Perfect SD and SS.. apparently been this way all their lives!

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So last night DH and I were sitting in living room and our BS 14 months was doing what 14 month olds do... investigating, getting into things he should be etc. So at one point, DH tells him "no" to which BS had a 15 second tantrum and then was over it. DH said we have to nip this now with him, which I totally agree with.. I have actually been putting him in his crib if I have to tell him no for the same thing two times in a row and that seems to be working with him.

At any point, I said, yep, totally agree, but all kids go through this stage. DH says "No, SD and SS never did this." I said WHAT???? Give me a freeking break... ALL toddlers have tantrums, I actually just read an article last month that the frontal lobe of their brains that provides reasoning in adults does not even develop until age 4.. which is why ALL toddlers have tantrums.

Whatever, not going to sit and listen to DH tell me how perfect Mr. and Mrs. Precious have been since the second they came out of their BM's nasty wombs. UGH!

But I am happy to admit that I am wrong... ANYONE out there ever have a toddler who didn't have tantrums????

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the thing is BS DOES have tantrums but they last like 15 seconds and he is over it, not like he screams and throws himself for 10 minutes. He really is a good baby, who does not really ever cry unless he is hurt or having a moment.

When I dropped BS off at MIL's this morning, I told her what DH said and she said whatever... all kids have tantrums (she is a daycare provider and has raised 5 kids of her own) and that DH wasn't even around either skid much when they were this age, because he was working all the time and not living with BM... so whatever DH

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G.U.I.L.T. is the word here.... at least for my DH. Don't get me wrong, mine does not sound quite as bad as yours, he really is good with BS and does show ALOT of love for him, talks about him all the time and is definately proud of him.

But with that said, he definately steps up the guilty daddy syndrome with the skids which is just making things even worse as far as skids being entitled and spoiled.

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i can't speak to this since i have no bios, but the never ending excuses dh makes for skids bad behavior wears me the fuck out. and when i point out some of their bs he loves this term "i guess your kid(s) would be perfect"

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My ds never had tantrums either. He didn't haveterrible two's or threes. Not to say he's perfectbecause now at 4 he is a ball of energy which gets him into trouble sometimes! I think it has to do with a kid's peraonalitytoo. My dd had terrible tantrums ages 15mths-now lol! She is very stubborn, resistant, tempermental. Ds is more subdued, calm, less tempermental.