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DH lesson on what goes around comes around

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Just got off the phone with my DH and I had to laugh but at the same time am so proud of him! So SD13 lives with her grandmother who is just as much of a scumbag as BM... the usual, never has any money, always on the verge of being evicted, smokes like a chimney, blah blah blah. But SD chooses to live with her even though we and MIL have offered numerous times that she could live with us, so whatever.

Well THREE years ago, SD's grandma calls DH and says "I really want to get SD a camera for Christmas, they are on sale super cheap for Black Friday, but I don't have the money.. can you spot me $200.00 and I'll pay you back in 2 weeks." So DH tells her "OK fine, but you best not be jerking me around like you always do, I want my money in two weeks, no excuses, no extentions, period." So as I said... THREE years later no money... after that episode DH refused to give her money for anything and she actually knows better than asking anymore.

So today DH tells me that SD's Grandma calls and asks him if he could lay a new floor for her in her kitchen and that oh, by the way.. she has his $200.00 from three years ago! So DH said he was like sure, as soon as you give me my money, I'll take a look and see what we can do about your floor. I was on my way to hitting the roof and about to get super pissed off when DH says to me.... "So, I'm going to go get my $200.00 from her and then I'm going to make her wait three years before I look at her stupid floor, and see how she likes it." LMAO!

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ha ha! that's what drives us nuttso! Gawd forbid if DH owed scumbag Granny or BM $200.00 (which would NEVER happen but if it ever did...)she'd be pounding down the door, calling Jerry Springer, Judge Judy and asking for an act of congress! But when they owe money it's every excuse in the book... UGH!