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My idiot FSS

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I bought my kids a $200.00 swimming pool,not huge but big enough for all of them to cool off in it...SS posted today on his Facebook,He was "Chillin in his pool" and drinkin' vodka...God I hate him and I wish I could afford vodka,I probably could if dipshit would pay rent,he's such a jackass.I wanna put itch powder in his underwear,and then lace the calamine lotion with turpentine.


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ground the kid from the pool fit the crime with the time. I would also think about seeing if you could get his bd to sign him up for an alcohol prevention class. May be he would get the message that would not be an exceptable thing for him to do in your home.

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DF jumped on the puter last night and saw this post,you should have seen his face :O I secretly LOL'd,yeah I'm not the only one that thinks your son is an idiot,real shocker huh?

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Well here is a new one for DF to see on this post. Why does he put up with a 23yo behaving like this? Raising a real winner huh?

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Flippin ha ha ha ha!! I'm glad your DF saw this post - sounds like his son IS a real idiot.

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I know he knows that his son is an idiot,I once told him either ss goes or I do,he actually cried,made me feel bad.DF has been good to my kids and to me,he puts up with my crap and I admit I am not easy to deal with sometimes.I'm just amazed that such a smart caring,dependable man can raise such a moron.