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Just a rant

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SS9 &SD9 are the most obnoxious people in the world. It drives me insane that I tell them to do something and they ask DH what they should do. What really drives me insane is that he doesn't back me up and say " Step mom just told you, do x y and z." SD9 dresses like a whore like her mom. She insists on wearing 4T clothes and her mom thinks its adorable. SD9 speaks like a valley girl high on meth and says "Dah-Dee!" Just like one of the girls from 'clueless'. I count the hours until they go to college (or hair dressing school for SD). Sometimes weekends feel like full weeks when they are here. I am probably the only person who looks forward to Mondays, or am I?

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lol yeah let it all out
i love mondays too... except for the fact that it's cleaning time because those brats usually forget to pick up before they leave or they'll clean, but don't leave for another hour so it's another mess.

Why haven't they made a show about step moms yet??? they're usually so much drama, it should be entertaining.

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There was a production company advertising here for a reality show on SMs.

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I'm the only person who corrects SD & SS speech . They speak like foreigners. common phrases in my house are " I haven't never seen the dog eat food ever in a long time" or " I brunged it from the store, mommy buyed it for me" or my favorite "I knewed that it was not for real for real" WTF. Why am I the only one correcting them? If they were my kids I would be so ashamed.