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I'm back...

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If you read my previous post, I ended up going to a mental health facility for several days. I basically had a total complete breakdown because of 1)husband's treatment towards me, and, 2)SD's treatment towards me. I snapped, and realized if I didn't get help immediately that there would have been a VERY good chance that I would have hung myself that night. I was actually in the process of figuring out how to tie a noose when I realized I wanted my life to improve, not to end.

Going was the hardest thing I've ever done. DH and SD weren't even home at the time when I left. I left a note on our bed explaining to DH where I was going. I didn't point fingers, I just told him that I wasn't in a good place mentally and needed help. I told him where I was going and that I was doing it for my own good.

One of the days I was there was a counseling day where DH had to come and go through an extensive counseling session with the counselor and myself. I laid everything out there--his behavior, SD's behavior. I told him I felt totally alone, ignored, and used. I told him that I wanted more out of our marriage and more from SD and I's relationship. For the first time ever, he didn't argue, he just nodded and shed a tear. Told me he was scared he was going to lose me. And that he had no idea that his hurtful behavior had made me suicidal.

Anyways, as part of the follow up upon being released from the facility, DH and I will be in couple's counseling and I'm ecstatic that he has agreed to it. I want to fight for my marriage. DH wasn't always like this. And he seems to realize it. If he goes back to how he has been lately, then I'm going to end our marriage, and I made it very clear to him that I would. But we will see if the counseling helps.

I don't know that SD is any better, really. DH just told her I was in the hospital. I do have health problems so it seemed reasonable to her.

I just wanted to update you guys. I'm not saying going to this place fixed everything, but I'm in a better place and praying hat we can make our marriage work.

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Glad that you are caring for yourself now and learning what you need/want in Life. The next few months will not be easy. Congrats for looking at your past situation with clear eyes and honoring yourself enough to reach out for help. Good luck

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I am so sorry that it got to that point for you but so glad that you decided to get help instead of give up. Your life is worth so much more than that.

I hope the counseling helps you and your DH get your marriage back on track and even if it doesn't, you know there are other options besides ending your life.