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I just need to vent!!!

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This has been on my mind since last weekend. BM called and said she is never going to like DH but that they have to get along for SD’s sake. She also said in the same breath that she loves DH for giving her SD10. WTF?? Her exacts words were “I love you for giving me SD10”. They have not been together for over 5 years. Why would she be saying this now? Of course this is after she left a 10 minute message on home phone about how much of an a$$hole DH is and she doesn’t know how she ever laid down with DH never mind make a child with him. She was upset because we were out at dinner and she called DH’s cell phone to talk to SD.

He told her we were out at a dinner party and he would have SD call her when we got home. (SD was playing outside with the rest of the kids.) Of course she did not like that and started texting that she DEMANDS he give the cell phone to SD so she can talk to her. She rants and raves and acts like a complete fool on the phone. I had to tell him to ignore her, she was ruining MY good time. She can’t tell us what to do on our weekends with SD! It’s not like she hasn't talked to SD that day, the woman calls constantly all weekend when we have SD. He almost gave in to her, just so she would stop calling his cell phone. I said no way, you do that and she wins! Geez man, I love you but wake up! I hate that this woman interrupts every little thing in our lives, I hate that her daughter is turning out just like her, I hate that this evil woman will stop at nothing to make our lives miserable when it doesn’t have to be and I hate that she will never ever ever GO AWAY!!!

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its the same BM, we would have 16 missed calls when we are out and the skids cant answer the phone and a threatening message saying they have to call back in 30mins or she was going to call the police. As if they would give a shit.

Sorry but we are busy it is our weekend and we are not going to be at your disposal to suit you.

For 3 years every weekend we have them is exactly the same, she calls every night even if she only saw them 2 hours before, and the phone just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing until someone finally pics up. They are friggin mental arent they? Crazy bitchs

I feel your anger believe me, you just want your own space but no they constantly have to interupt. I always say dont answer the f**king phone but no DH ALWAYS makes sure he or the kids do because god forbid she gets upset.

I used to steal his phone and either secretly turn it off or when him and the kids are not in earshot of it i would just keep pressing the "end" button to cut her off sometimes 10 times in a row, then of course the nasty messages get sent. Makes me laugh though. You should do that it is good fun

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I think she is crazy. But we all think she is bi-polar. One minute she loves everyone and the next she thinks we are all a-holes and deadbeats. I think I'll start picking up the phone and just hanging it up. She's loony though, so she'll just keep calling because she feels she needs to lecture us!