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How come she just can't talk to me normal

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SD13; I try (sometimes over try to please everyone) just to talk to her about her day or what going on. Or she asks me a ? and I answer her and she replies with a snooty remark.

It may seem petty; but it's ssssoooo tiring when it is EVERY single time.

It's almost like she asks you something that you don't know just so she can say,
"Nah Uh it's....."
It just gets old
Why do they do this; it's like a competition and when I ask dad if he sees it - he says I am just overreacting; of course why do I bother - of course it's me.

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This may be mean in a way but turn it around on her. Ask her things she doesn't know. Kind of give her a taste of her own medicine.

IMO she's just being a snotty know it all 13 year old, hopefully she'll grow out of it.

Think back to when you were 13, you knew EVERYTHING and then when your 19-20 or so you feel like you don't know anything and are constantly asking your parents for advice (or whenever you moved out on your own for the first time.)

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True; hopefully our relationship will go back to how it was when she was like 7; we got along so well!! Thanks for the input!!

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Absolutley, my ds is 14 and snotty. Since he is my own, i put him in his place immediatly. FSD12 not so much, I hold it in most of the time. Sometimes I reply with REALLY??? But I think it is the age.

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Oh man, my ss is only 9 and I think he's got attitude enough, now I have 13 yr old know-it-all waiting around the corner lol!! Aaarrrgghh!!!