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hey strangers, been gone a while but i have a hot topic to bitch about.

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So I have a situation where my girlfriend was evicted from her house with her THREE kids and my dumb ignorant pathetic ass moved her and them in. Well they are 10 12 and 15. And when altogether being inside is pure torture bicker fight ask loads of questions. Sloppy annoying etc. Well I'm in shower and I hear " ew Gordon stop blowing snot on me, ew your disgusting you blew snot all over steps." I thought I know dam well that son of a bitch didn't do what I think he did. I waited til I took the two younger kids up road with me and asked, hey why did Gordon blow snot on you? She said I don't know he's been shooting snot rockets all over his room and landons room, I asked Landon hey did he really blow snot in your room? He replied yeah all over my bed and floor. I said you wait til I get home. Keep in mind Gordon the perpetrator is 15. At home I exploded. I really don't say to much I don't not pick but spent every dollar I made on my house. I think it was disgusting and rude to blow snot all over inside house. I have a beautiful house and beautiful property I have worked tirelessly on. Would you be pissed?