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Golden Uterus Complex

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I came across this article today and thought about 99% of you could relate.

Really hits the nail on the head for me, anyway.

Happy 4th everyone!

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Wow that is true with some women. I don't see my DH's ex acting like that but my own BM does. She currently lives with my husband & I for a few months but acts better then anyone else..rather disturbing! Great post & thanks for sharing Smile

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Vely intalesting. I'm adding it to my list of references. It explains why some first wives can't, not won't, but can't let go even when they themselves have remarried.

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Yes this article describes my huband's ex girfriend to a T! We're just lucky he never married her or he'd be still paying alimony and this bitch don't deserve it! She has never had a job in the 7 years I've known her. She is the laziest, most dysfunctional mother I have ever seen! She's got a big ego for a person who has done nothing with her life but been a drain on Society! Me and my husband work, she's a Welfare Mom! Sad

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this is exactly what sd19 is in the making of right now. she will be a piss poor mother, but act like she gave birth to baby Jesus and did something NO one else has done or will ever do.