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Give me suggestions on getting away for a few days when Step brat is here for vacation

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OMG I need some Advice. PLEASE! Step brat will be with us for two long ass weeks in July. I can HARDLY stand the disrespectful brat for the weekend two weeks will be pure hell. 

To keep my sanity and avoid murder charges I need to get away for a few days when the brat is here.  I'm looking at mid July and I live in New York State so would like to stay in the northeast area.  Hoping covid virus is gone or good enough to travel. 

Any suggestions on where I can go solo and still have a good time for a few days? Unfortunately I don't have any friends that could travel with me and my only living Relative is a elderly aunt who is a germ freak so not sure with Covid she would want me to visit that soon. 


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Is there an old friend from college you can visit? Former coworker? The Coast will be expensive this time of year, but what about The Finger Lakes? Philadelphia? A cottage in Vermont? Maybe book a series of spa treatments so you'll be busy each day? Heck, treat yourself to a massage and room service at a hotel in a nearby town.

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I do have a good friend in Florida who would love to see me BUT due to work I can only get away for a max of four days and it's really not worth the airfare $$$


I could fill up a day at the spa but who knows if they will be open by then

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If you don't mind being alone and can afford it, rent a small place on the Finger Lakes for a week or weekend. Gorgeous lakes - and most things will likely be open by then (I'm in NY too). Or in the Adirondacks - very little COVID up there.

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Finger lakes is a good idea never been but always wanted to. I love the Adirondacks but would be fearful hiking alone