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Get the F off my floor

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sd16 is "sick"....she is always "sick". Right now she is laying in the middle of the f'ing floor ( our house is open concept so unless you go upstairs you are all together). I have picked up
And vacuumed the whole downstairs except for the living room area where her carcass is sprawled on the floor sleeping. Does she take the hint? No. DH, DS and I are literally walking around her lazy ass. DH tells her to get up, she says no...and she continues to take up space. I am determined to talk to her as little as possible because she is so annoying. I want to ram the vacuum into her ass. She has her own room and bathroom ( DS still in diapers) get the F off my f'ing floor!!!

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Vacuum all around her and let it continue to run while it sits next to her until she moves and you can finish.

Get a rope and tie it to her feet so you can drag her upstairs. I suspect she'll rather walk. If she ignores your feet tying then switch to neck. Grab foot and drag her to stairs and start up one step at a time.

Pour water over her. Sit on her. Fart while sitting. Play music she abhors. Loudly. Opera is good for that - find radio station playing classical.

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Somebody said 'Crop dusting' the other day when family was over. SD said, "What's 'crotch dusting'!?" We all lost it!

Now I use 'crotch dusting' when referring to BM spewing her bs.

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SD is always "tired" or "not feeling well" which fiance falls for every time and brings her home. then the kid is so stupid she slips up later and says "oh yeah best friend came over and we were up until 2am!". umm, weren't you tired/sick?

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Hate this!!! Two weekends ago SD17 and her friend came over and promptly went to sleep on my living room sectional right by the kitchen. When I was talking, he shushes me. I said, "What's wrong? Am I gonna wake the baby?!!! WTF! Stay at your own house and sleep it off.

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Start crying and say "I just cant do it anymore" I dont think I love your dad anymore"!!

She'll sit up and take notice!!!!

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UGH! BM actually took a PHOTO of YSS11 sleeping on the living room floor and posted it on FB like she's proud he's an animal!!!

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Make a fake phone call in the other room to "dad" LOUDLY stating that you saw a very large and hairy spider crawling on the floor and that you think there's a nest of them somewhere. . . }:)