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Princess must have broken legs

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Despite living about two tents of a mile from the high school....princess must be driven to and from at all times for all activities. DH will LEAVE WORK EARLY to pick her ass up and bring her home from practice or whatever. Really?! It annoys me on a regular basis...but tomorrow is my morning to sleep in ( I get up with our son all week ...he is almost two and still doesn't sleep through the night) and in exchange for letting him sleep...I get an extra hour or so on the weekends). Well, SD16 has practice in the morning so DH has to drive princess pouty the 20 second drive to the high school and I need to get up to watch DS. Selfish? Sure... But come on!

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This sounds just like my SD7 she whines that her "legs hurt" walking through the grocery store. When DH is there she still sits in the basket!! I think it's ridiculous. Her BM also still picks her up and carries her. She did it the other day at a school function and carried her to the car. When SD "legs hurt" when she's with me I tell her "Why don't you just crawl then like a baby, because that whining sure makes you sound like one". She will decide to walk.

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through 20 miles of snow with holes in our shoes stuffed with newspapers....

That was one of my dad's favourites LOL