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I am trying my hardest to be disengaged- I have explained(when needed) to FDH who acts like he understands at the time then Sd16 is coming over or he see's her he get's all oooey gooey, "oh poor Sd16 she's butthole hurt you and your BD9 didn't see her off for pictures" I'm so F'ing sick of hearing about the f'ing pictures!!! What is it with FDH and pictures BTW :?

BIG F'ING DEAL- Get over it. I had better shit to do. WTF is that about? Poor SD16 got her feefee's hurt- EFF her feelings. I didn't think she had any.

I stood my ground and act nonchalant about it, SD16 cried to BM who called FDH bitching about this that and the other and how goincrazy had something better to do- We had to handle that real quick. FDH told her, Don't ever call bitching to me about anything- I take care of my kid, you get CS thats all. Don't call or for damn sure don't worry about what goincrazy is doing or where she is at. That is none of your concern"

Oh but SD16 is soooooo WE have guilty daddy back.

P.S. We will never be a "family"

Happy f'n hump day, FDH made me even more crabby with his soggy ass personality he gets around Sd16. UGH's picture

No, not a typo. She is 16 and apparently every school dance is a f'ing holiday so FDH has to "see her off" meaning go meet her whereever SHE is at and give her some spending cash and take pictures of his pwecious pwincess who's growing up so fast :sick: For prom it was with BM at SD16's bf's parent house (FML) and I told him that is the last time I will ever participate in something like that. I'm sure you know if you have seen my other posts she snubs me every opportunity she gets. He told me the same day, I had plans with my bio for costume shopping and SD16 changed locations 3 times. F*ck it

I think FDH is more butthole hurt that he had to go alone- I said now you know how I feel when we all have to go together }:)

She's making a HUGE deal about it and creating big drama *shrugging shoulders*

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I think it is important for, as young as the age of even 4, kids to learn to if you are mean to someone they aren't going to want to be around you.

Parents often times don't teach kids this lesson. They force their awful kids on people who don't want to be bothered with them, and as adults we are taught that 'kids come first' & we let everything slide.

But that isn't how it should go. A kid should know that if you are going to be rude and obnoxious, I am not spending my time/money on you at all.

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So funny JW! I always told my 3, "you can attract more bees with honey that with vinegar". Well the only one who "gets " it is Perfectson24, he always goes out of his way to be nice and complimentary. His DW's family don't have a TV , they usually stay over there when they come home- more room. But he comes over to Mom and Dad's early in the morning for ESPN, soccer, etc. I made him an omelet the last time he was home, very simple just purple onion tomatoes and swiss, he was like , "Mom! This is delicious!" of course in no time flat I was in the kitchen whipping up some cinnamon rolls as an encore lol!'s picture

And for the life of me, these people do NOT understand that concept!!!!! I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. So I would rather not!!!! }:)

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You can make them with a can of crescent rolls which is what I did that day! lol #3 to your rules: KARMA. If you're nice, nice will come back to you. Maybe not right away, but isn't it fun to wait for it? Wink Becky's cinnamon rolls: can of crescents (not generic), pkg of Rollos, cinnamon, sugar. Roll each crescent roll around a rollo candy.Then roll crescents in cinnamon sugar. Bake according to crescent roll packaging, give or take a minute. Enjoy!