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DS1 refusing to topic but need advice!

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DS1 had a great schedule up until last Friday. We had a busy weekend which through off his routine greatly. Because of the lack of naps, he wasn't sleeping well at night. It usually doesn't take more than a day to get him back on track but he still isn't sleeping! He has been taking one maybe one hour nap a day (when he was taking a two hour nap in the morning and usually 2 hours in the afternoon). He still goes to bed at 7pm like usual but has been waking up almost every hour and then every morning at 4am he is up crying looking for me. It takes some time but I usually get him back to sleep. Then we both over sleep in the morning bc of being up so much and the routine is off from the beginning. So today he hasn't napped at all. I was going nuts yearning for a shower so I brought him with me. Which sounded like it would be easy but it really wasn't. My house is a mess so I decided to let him watch cartoons in the living room as I cleaned the kitchen. I peek out to check on him and he drank my entire can of Mountain Dew that I forgot to put out of reach! Now I know he is never going to sleep! I am exhausted and at a loss of how to fix his schedule. I thought maybe he was ready for one nap a day but he is still getting cranky at hte normal first nap time (even though he won't go to sleep). He just started walking last week and I've read that sometimes when they learn new skills, it makes them more anxious and less likely to sleep. He also has had hives for a little over a week now. The Dr said it was an allergic reaction to something, no clue what, and could last up to 8 weeks. I don't know if they are bothering him too and that is interfering with his sleep. I have a DD6 (almost 7) and completely forget alot of things from when she was little because it's been soo long! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Smile