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Court scheduling conference today

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Court was delayed, but not closed.

Magistrate recommended April 7 for court; BM's face melted and she had her attorney ask for a date in late February or early March.

DH's attorney replied stating that mediation had not yet been completed due to delays from the Plaintiff (BM) and that her office still had not received any of the discovery requests that were due on January 6.

Magistrate said, "Well, it looks like April 7 works for everyone then" and scheduled it in .. LOL! She also looked directly at BM and said that even if mediation is completed on time, if one party is being particularly difficult in scheduling and causing delays, they WILL be found in contempt and held responsible for BOTH parties' costs. BM went white. }:)

I'm sure her biggest concern with the court date is that the due date for her new baby is April 1. Tough shit, BM .. you wanted court, so now you're going to get it.

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That warms a responsible SParent's heart. Probably a responsible Bio Parent's heart too.

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Yay! One point for Team Stepmom! Good luck with mediation/court over the next few months.

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Thanks everyone! It's gratifying to see her knocked down a peg, but nothing has *really* happened yet. This ball will really get rolling tomorrow at the first mediation appointment.