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My sd11, the one that over talks when she is around and interrupts or tries to Join adult conversations . at 8 she took the microphone at my wedding to sing a stupid love song. Always over shadows everything great about me and says "MY Mom" shit all the time this and that. It is so abvious now my sd11 is playing both sides. Last week she really talked hard to DH about her grandmother and mother showing favortism towards her older half sister. How her mom was stupid for letting her sister 13 get a belly button ring and hang out in a school night with dope smokers. Yes, it's priceless to hear what a Moran her mom is but then I figured something was up. I posted on here and a lot of the responses said she was playing both sides. This past weekend it was just mine and my h week for US, no MIL, no FIL. Was it? oHH NOOO. During our night out the phone rings and it was BM PHYSCO. She said to him she wasn't getting on to him but just letting him know that his daughter was getting lots of attention without her sister by her and the grandparents. It never f'ing fells. She has to cause some type of BS. The kid is playing both sides as I knew. She went back and told them everything her dad told her. He said he been fighting them showing favortism towards that other one all her life. He was basically telling her when he spoke to her that something's never change. He said BM said she wasn't getting on to him and was sorry for calling but. I will take advice from ST and tell sd next time she is over that her mother isnt In Our circle and I don't want to hear about her mom and it's direspectful . That drama shit gets on my nerves. Anyway, thanks for the vent. Have a nice day.

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In our story daughter was telling us some horrible things mom & grandmom was saying (and doing) to our family.She also told us about things that were going on in her mothers house. Sometimes disturbing things.
By the same token she was telling her mother all kinds of things going on in our house. As an example; one afternoon I was out shopping with mine & his. They are the same age. We came across a phone booth (it was yrs ago) and daughter checked for change. What she found was a (graphic)pornographic pic from a magazine. I saw it and took it away. She went home and told her mother she found a pic of DH & I having sex and we had left "all these pictures", by the phone.

Que angry phone call. When mother began her rant I started laughing at the absurdity of her rant. Then I told her that we had been told step-daddy walks around the house all the time in tighty-white's "adjusting himself" in front of daughter and her friends.

Light bulb moment for mommy dearest. I said if daughter said anything outrageous we would immediately call mother and have daughter tell mommy what she had said. Mommy dearest pledged to do the same.

While mommy dearest kept her promise for only a short time, we get daughter to understand in OUR house, we don't condone lying. And kids in our house get punished for lying.

Guess who she confided in? Guess who she didn't lie to? Guess who she never believed?

Daughter is now 30 with a family of her own. She still calls me for everything, simply because she knows her mother will still use her to hurt us.