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any perimenopausal women feel like this?

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I am 47 and although I think I love FDH and we've been together since I turned 40, i am slowly losing respect for him and find him irritating to be around. Is it the hormones or just all the skid sh*t that I have to eat up everyday. He sort of has an 'on again off again cold' and this morning he kept sneezing over and over and I really got the sh*ts and felt like screaming at him! Wow am I losing it?

Do women feel differently about their partners when they are in menopause? Because if this is so, i can't see our relationship surviving! There is also a lot of resentment building between us over our kids (ds22 & sd21). I recently wrote an entry on the adult stepkids forum about employing my sd21. How difficult it is and how as her boss, i am questioned by FDH when i give her warning letters. Yesterday she stuffed up again and he defended her AGAIN.

You know i think we are heading for a break up because with the menopause, the skid sh*t and being in business together, all being considered, we won't make it.

If anyone has some advice who is in a similar situation, i would really appreciate it.

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I don't think it is menopause. Your problems are real and exist outside of your endocrine system. "Perimenopause" is an invention of the pharmaceutical companies so that they can expand their markets to younger women and enjoy greater profits. I'm 52 next month. At 47 I had enough of my husband and kicked him out. All my hormone-related anger vanished overnight. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)

You are losing respect for your husband and finding him irritating because he is irritating you by doing things that aren't respectable.

Don't blame your hormones. Your perceptions are crystal clear.

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"There is also a lot of resentment building between us over our kids (ds22 & sd21)."

This pretty much sums it up, in my opinion.

And I agree with ManagingMom.

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Can't blame it on perimenopause....It is him and your life....Guarantee if the kids went away and you spent some time working on your relationship, he would not disgust you....

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The thing about any hormonal change is that it just magnifies what is going on. If you have emotional trauma, it usually comes back up; if you are dealing with irritants daily, it will be exacerbated. Perimenopause really does exist and doesn't require any pharmaceutical products to alleviate. I use natural progesterone cream with success.