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“Red Blood Reunion”—How horrible? Or, You go girl!?

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True story.  Well. . . just saw a very interesting episode on ID Discovery that involved a bio-dad, his wife (SM), their three children, and an older “long-lost” daughter of dad’s (SD) that just more-or-or-less showed up on daddy’s doorstep when she was age 19, because she needed a place to stay.

Prior to SD showing up, the family all got along well with each other and in the neighborhood, rarely argued, etc.  “The picture of marital bliss.” This is all according to one of their older bio-children.  Then, 19 YO SD shows up and daddy doesn’t hesitate to take her in.  The 19 YO appears to be the classic SD from hell, immediately creating all sorts of chaos in the home with her demands, hanging with the burnout crowd, etc.  Next thing you know, mom and dad are arguing daily, screaming at each other.  Dad refuses to tell SD she has to go.  SD won’t listen.  The kids mention that SD would try to play everyone against each other.  Finally, one-time dad, during an argument, slaps his wife.  She grabs the kids and leaves for two weeks.  When she comes back, dad’s 19 YO daughter has called the cops on her bio-dad, accusing him of molesting her.  Dad gets thrown in prison for a week or so, charges are dropped, and his wife finally kicks SD out to go back to her mom’s.  Lots of damage done to all.

Mom and dad and their bio-kids are now back in their home and mom and dad are working on getting normal back.  Fast-forward about six months, and then the mom suddenly, out of the blue, claims she has a long-lost daughter who reached out to her on-line.  Mom states not only has she found her daughter, but that her daughter is pregnant with twins. The home they are renting out across the street is coming available, so mom is planning on having her daughter and her daughter’s BF (baby’s daddy) come to live in that home.  Mom adds her daughter is on bed rest, pregnant with twins, so her daughter’s BF will be coming first, to set things up in the home across the street.  BF comes, pictures are shown of pregnant long-lost daughter, and BF moves in across the street.  Then, the mom starts spending a lot of time over there setting things up, more and more time.  Next thing you know, mom and BF are getting a little too cuddly.  Remember, this is supposed to be her long-lost daughter’s BF.  (Turns out later, he’s not.)

Nonetheless many gifts are purchased for the upcoming daughter and family, etc.  But, slowly, over time, mom is draining joint bank accounts, spending nights next door, leaving hubby and the kids alone for hours on end.  The dad is starting to catch on. . .  NOW, the story goes on to end in a rather horrible, predictable way, but I have to admit, up to this point, I almost found myself thinking: “You go girl!”  Why?

Apparently, it was OK for bio-dad to torture, yes torture, his entire family with a toxic person (doesn’t matter who she was) for months, cause unbelievable stress to all, lift a hand to his wife, etc., only finally “getting it” when the tables were turned on him.  Then, I’m sure mom was supposed to forget everything, and get back to being just mom to their kids and wife to dad.  Several people mentioned that after the SD-incident, the mom changed.  I’m sure she did.  I get that.  The anger she had must’ve been unbelievable.  I’ve been in that anger and shock beyond-belief-corner before.

So, SM (the mom) finally decides everyone can just go screw themselves, and she is going to use the same tactics used against her, against them, and finally get a little something-something for herself.  Bad mom, yes.  But not bad SM.  She sucked it up and took it all she could.  Then, after, I’m guessing she waited for some sort of answer to the question:  What the H- just happened to my marriage and my life?  What value do I have here?  When she didn’t get those answers or any reaction from anyone else other than: Let’s just forget and go back to where we were before ASAP, she started thinking, “H-, if they can do it, play those games and pretend like nothing happened, then why can’t I”?  Horrible?  Yes.  But I still can’t help but think a teeny-tiny bit, “You go girl!”  Let them feel the burn of that shoe being on the other foot for a while.

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As the saying goes, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.   Sadly, their children are cursed with an entirely shallow and polluted gene pool.

That sucks for the kids.

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Yeah, if she were a childless woman, I'd likely just shrug it off. Not the best way to end a relationship, but you do you I guess.

However, she had kids. That makes both her and her H trash. Human, sure, but still trash. Don't put your kids through these sorts of games. She'd already left and didn't have to come back. Concocting this plan out of spite only served to hurt her kids because her H could and would move on. But her kids are stuck with two morons for parents until, it seems, one or both their ends.

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This is definitely a case of "turn-around is fair play."

However, had I been in that SM's shoes, I would have just left without cheating. I would never lower my own morals and values for anyone, regardless of what they do to me. A bank account can be drained in a day and there would still be nothing the H could do about it.

Plus, the best revenge on a scumbag is living a good life. I would let that idiot H pine after my virtue and goodness for the rest of his life. To me at least, it's much more satisfying to know that for my exes, I'm the one that got away.

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The issue here between the father losing his mind over his "so called lost daughter" and the SM trying to get even all the kids suffered from this chaos and dysfunction. They are the true victims in all this. I agree with Lawoman that the SM should have divorced him and never looked back.

The energy, lying and deceiving involved in all this is too much and in my opinion not worth it.