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OT: Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel hook up. Zooey’s still married with children.

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I see one of my favorite celebs, Jonathan Scott, has hooked up with Zooey Deschanel.  Zooey and her husband are still married with two small children.  Headline: Zooey Deschanel Dating Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott a Week After Announcing Split from Husband.  According to a source, Zoey and her husband actually “separated,” apparently spiritually, months ago.  Once Zooey's divorce is finalized, she will have been married twice, and Jonathan once.

I guess I always wonder how anyone could get so publicly involved with someone while they are still married and so quickly.  It just looks bad, and desperate.  If you're young and naïve, I kind of get it.  But neither Zooey nor Jonathan fit that picture, by any means.  It has changed my opinion of J.S.  Openly dating a married woman with two young children at home.  Hmm?  Sure, there are plenty on the web that think they make a cute couple, but I’ll give them a very sarcastic, “Good luck with that one.”  Publicists can try to frame it anyway they want, but, as we all know, her children certainly will see it (forever) as mom and her new BF were sneaking around dad’s back to get their fix.  Just no sense makes.  If someone is so-called separated and you think they are that good of a catch, then wait until it is all worked out, and yes, that includes legally, on paper.  

Very few relationships can survive trying to ignite a new flame while the old embers are still burning.  Messy and you could get burned. . .  And, Scott brother J. D. just got married to long-time GF Annalee.  Nice!, but what was with that Absinthe fountain?  Is a fad being set now?  Out with the chocolate fountain and candy station, and in with the Absinthe fountain and smoking station?  If so, another reason to avoid weddings, I guess.  At least for me.

Mew-mew.  This is my one catcall for the day.

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Lol. Mixing Hollywood with Law Vegas never works. And you'd think people that wealthy, who can afford all the therapy they'd ever need, would understand the importance of doing post-relationship work.

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I saw some show once kind of analyzing Hollywood relationships once. I think it basically came down to that their privileged and spoiled and used to getting what they want and doing what they want when they want. So relationships dont really last longterm. Theres always someone shiny and new and more exciting right there for them. I doubt they care what the "peasants" think much, since it's more normal to them.

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The tabloids probably threatened to out the couple so they anounced the news first. The kids and dad probably already knew what was going on. 

Many divorcees start dating again before the paperwork on the divorce decree is officially signed and sealed, I don't think it is that unusual or scandalous these days. I know I started dating my husband when he was separated but still married to his ex, many others on here do/did the same. One of my good friends and her ex-but-still-legal-husband have decided to remain married on paper for various money/healthcare reasons despite being well and truely separated. 

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When are they telling these people they are dating?  I guess you could look at that a couple of different ways--once they say they are still legally married, you could either think, "Woo-hoo, noncommittal fun and sex," or you could think, "What the H-!?  Thanks for wasting my time."  Just seems to me that somewhere in there too would be this person who starts to fall in love, and then once they realize, "Oh, yeah, the person I'm dating is still legally married," they see they are screwed for any kind of full/ real commitment and instead left being the pawn in some other married couple's bizzare game.

"Normal" does vary per experiences and generations.  Such is not my normal, in any form.  Sounds too self-centered, in addition to risky and stressful for all, including other family members, much less potential new partners.  Sounds like this.  Another post:

But, sans kids, maybe you do have to say it is up to all of the consenting adults--and may they all get what they have coming.  

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Yeah, HOllywood doesn't seem to care, but the relationships are often fleeting.  That said...I was kind of shocked as I though Drew was gay for years until now.  I hadn't read about him getting married until this article about Scott/Zoee came out.

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I'm on the fence on this one.  On the one hand if it is over it is over. On the other.....  if they are still married and have not filed for divorce... she is an adulteress.  If he is hosing around as well, he is just as detestable.

My XW was whoring around for nearly our entire blessedly short marriage (2.5yrs).  The night she moved out I had a date.  Divorce was filed within a few days.  She was knocked up by her geriatric fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy so I figured there was no issue with jumping back in to dating since she really never stopped.

As for celebrities.... few of them are of character.  I write off the celebritrash when it exposes itself.




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I'm adding that one to my vocabulary right now: Celebritrash!  Perfect fit for far too many.

"High profile attention-seekers and gatherers who appear frequently on reality shows, talk shows, in gossip magazines, entertainment news, and so on, usually displaying deplorable moral character in said media. Also, any "news" related to these people.”

Hey, did you see that so and so is pregnant with what's-his-face's baby, and she's still married to derp-de-derp?

H- no, I have no interest in all that celebritrash.