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Are blended families ever amusing or what does it take to make them amusing?

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Are blended families ever amusing or what does it take to make them amusing?  Just came across the sitcom All of Us, which was on TV for four years, approx. 2003-2007. 

The series started with Robert and Tia being a couple, while Robert and Neesee were in the process of getting a divorce.  Robert and Neesee had a child, Bobby together.  Neesee walked out on Robert; that is how they seperated.

After the first year, Tia and Robert got engaged, but they separated after Tia had a nightmare about their upcoming wedding, realizing that Neese would somehow always be involved in their lives.  The second year there was a lot of going back and forth between multiple partners, but by the end, Tia and Robert were no longer a couple. 

Over the next couple of years:  Neese moved in with Robert (her ex-) after her condo. burned down.  Robert and Neesee realized they still loved each other. . . Neesee and Robert were both excited to learn that her new condo was ready, but Bobby (their young son) tells them he doesn't want to go back and forth between houses, so Robert and Neesee decide that the only solution is for Bobby to continue living at Robert's home while he and Neesee take turns living in her condo. . . Neesee realizes she wants to have another baby and visits a fertility clinic to research potential sperm donors.  And, Neesee and Robert make a decision about a second child (which winds up meaning, despite being divorced and having no plans to get back together, they decide to have a second-child together).  To justify this, some smartass comment was made that they may not make good partners, but they sure make good parents.  Easy-peasy.  Series ended.

Also, I’m assuming among other thangs, the 2nd child was so they could continue to torture other future partners for years and years with the fact that they now have 2 children together instead of just one. 

I’m thinking. . . maybe blended families are really never that amusing.  And, why do most of ‘em seem to revolve around BM and bio-dad and their struggles, especially romantic ones.  At what point does anyone else’s struggles come to the forefront or into real perspective?

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Wow. What a cute storyline. I wonder how many crazies saw that and got ideas about how their ex will come back and they'll always truly love them.