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Finally I have something positive to write! It's about my own daughter but what the hell...the new medication is working for her..she's like a totally different kid! We hit a bump the first couple days..she can't swallow the capsules so I have to mix the meds in her breakfast and it was upsetting her stomach but now we've ironed out the wrinkles and it's working! She's doing better in school..she's wonderful at home, she's not defiant anymore, she cleans up without being asked to clean's like I have a different daughter! Smile I have been doing some research on kids that have ADHD and ODD and some clinical trials have stated that ADHD meds help the ODD too and it looks like it's true! Smile I'm a very happy girl today Smile


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My bd is add too. I am sooo happy for you!

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We had that same problem with ss swallowing his capsules for his ADHD. It turned into a horrible morning ritual. He would take forever to take it even when mixed in food. He hated the medicine. He was on it from 4th grade until 6th grade. I think it did help him concentrate in school but getting him to take it proved too stressful for everybody. This summer we took him off of all meds. He is really happy being off the meds however he is having some issues in school. It is taking a lot of work on our part to try and keep him on track. We have thought seriously about putting him back on meds but we keep trying to avoid it since he hates them so much. It's frustrating.


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Im so glad that you have things on track for her! That is so great to hear! Smile

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Are you talking about defiant disorder or did you mean OCD , compulsive disorder?

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder...I should've specified Smile