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I had FH call legal aide to find out if they can help them with the money issues with BM(the loan payments she's not making although she LEGALLY supposed to! And get some advice about the child support she basically STOLE last year while he cared for his son fulltime) well...their initial letter to him said they couldn't help him cause it wouldn't be ethical since they were helping BM(bowel movement) but he could pay 30 dollars to get a half an hour consultation with a lawyer they would refer to him and than after that he would have to figure out something payment wise with the I told him I would pay the 30 dollars but he had to call and get the address where to send it, he THAN found out that he COULD be helped for a 300 dollar retainer fee! I told him to take the consultation first and than if he still needed a lawyer than we could come up with the 300 dollars to get the lawyer, I think the child support issue is a civil matter but we have MORE than enough proof where I think we could get that money back, including letters back and forth from BOTH sides lawyers admitting she TOOK that child support. We're going to try this ONE more time...I told him if we don't win this time, we just need to let it go because everyone is so biased here...everyone sympathizes with the poor BM. Yeah, POOR BM...she can't even give her own child a bath! She can't afford to make her loan payments but she could afford 100 some dollar portraits of golden child at Sears! I have compiled ALL the legal paperwork from the custody case and am writing up a list of questions for him to ask the lawyer, he's not really legal savvy, I try to

Like Going Crazy, I'm so sick of these women getting away with all their little games. And the lying and the manipulation, THE BLACKMAIL(she's TRIED to blackmail us and we have the emails to prove it) and I'm sick of seeing a child suffer because his BM is "too proud" to stand down and admit she's wrong 99% of the time. All because their women who "care" for their children fulltime, ONLY to collect a friggin check every month. Let me add I'm a FULLTIME custodial BM and I I pay for everything on MY OWN, and don't rant and rave about not recieving a check every's HIS LOSS not mine!! He has to answer to CSE not me! I go on with my life and I care for my child like I'm legally supposed to and I ENJOY every minute of it. And I have no problem doing it on my own(I'm naturally independent anyway) Why waste time with an ex I got rid of for a reason?? LOL...This woman's time is coming...I think karma is going to kick in this time and she'll have to pay that money back..:)


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u crack me up...i can tell youre fired up an don a roll 2day! im sick of it all too and i couldnt have said it better myself as far as the lying, manipulative, psychotic, child neglecting and abusing BMs go...i hope yrs really gets her bc its bene a long time coming. ur FH should be kissing yr feet for helpingw all this bc w/o all yr work on it where would he be?