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Roller coaster or just me?

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One day it seems all good and quiet and then boom - crazy ass BM drama. Does it ever end? Does justice ever prevail or does BM just get away with her hateful, illegal shit forever? I seriously just want to crawl in a hole. It seems like no matter how much we try to do what's right, we just get SCREWED!

Am I alone here? Because I seriously think I'm crazy some days for trying to fight the good fight against nuts-zilla...

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My SO also pays 1/3 of his income in CS. He was also ordered to cover all medical, dental and vision insurance but hasn't been able to afford it with the huge amount of CS he pays. I don't understand the court system. These men are asked to not only take care of their financial responsibility to their children but also BM's portion of the financial responsibly as well.

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I totally feel you. sS18 is failing. I'm like make him get his damn GED so BM can't take him back and get more CS. DH pays 45% of his income to CS because BM lied and didn't serve him so he never got his day in court. This system sucks!

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Did he go back to court and request a modification? ExDF missed his first CS court date and BMW lied about his income. The judge ordered an amount that was based on the information BMW submitted.

Once ex saw the amount,he flipped and and ran his but downtown to request a modification. It took about two months to get it done. It didn't cost him one red cent to do it.

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I don't have enough experience to say if it will ever stop. However if that is how she is...I very much doubt it. I am always waiting for the next drama! I hate the BM and sure she hates me too!

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Definately a roller coaster. But ... roller coasters are awesome. Give me the thrill or the roller coaster over the boring predictability of the carosel any day. Why crawl in a hole when you can step up, confront BM on every crazy little thing she pulls out of her ass and then pummel her into destruction?

Try it, it is fun and if you commit to confronting her on each and every issue she presents and stick to each battle until you either destroy her or she unconditionally surrenders in a snivvling tear covered blathering state of idiocy then you take control of her and your own life.

Which is the only way I would live it.

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Thanks guys. You're totally right. I just told SD13 sorry you're not coming to live here BC you won't do crap to help the situation. Then I told SS18 to stop his crap and finally got DH to tell BM1 to STFU. You're right - roller coaster is much better than taking it bending over. They can hate me idk. I'm not getting screwed anymore.