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Dear Self....

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Earlier this morning you thought:
Hey! You should clean the yard up! It will make it easier to spread the tick repellent.

Then you thought:
Wow that was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It took longer too. I'm tired. Hey! You should go clean your car! And while your at it-you should wash it too.

Your next winning thought was:
Yes, I can take just this one work call on vacation. MISTAKE.

After that you thought:
Yeah, sure I can take the wind knots out of your horse's mane Dad.

Crap! You need to shower! Your sister is bringing the kids 45 minutes earlier than planned.

This easter egg hunt should be fun with one SS11 on the spectrum, a rambunctious 8 year old nephew, your 6 year old niece and then BD2 who is terrified of the Easter Bunny for sh*ts and giggles along with 60 other small children.

Oh, SO is visiting SD6, well I'll just feed the kids I've got after we play outside and watch a movie.

Dear Self:

STFU and go to bed.


You After You


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If I didn't have treatment plans to sign, I'd be dead on the floor right now. But I'm pretty sure when I actually do die, they'll strap me to my desk so I can keep on keepin' on. Woof.

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I'm going to sleep. And I told SO not to wake me up or let the kids wake me up.