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The Final Countdown!!!!!

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Anyone else close to the end of your SO/DH CS support obligation. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter by the day for us Smile Smile Smile SD will be 18 in January but she won't graduate HS until June so we have about 10 months left of CS Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait and the way this year has flown by its gonna be here before I know it.

The only thing that scares me a bit is that the BM will try to get it extended some way. We are in CA so it is pretty cut and dry but you never know what a judge can order. The divorce decree/custody paperwork says nothing about college expenses or continuation of CS through college. Thank GOD because dumb ass SO would have definitely agreed to it back then. SD has a very slim change of going to a university anyways her GPA average is about 1.8 with her senior year she may get it above 2.0 but that's a toss up. She could go to a local JC but she has no car and no job and her attitude has always been she is not going to work. She supposedly got a job at McDonald's in the beginning of the summer but here we are and she hasn't worked one day. There was always some excuse to placate SO about why she hadn't started working yet and now she is back to school in a week. So here is to the next 10 months going by quick and SO and I will be empty nester's!!!!!


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CS stopped for SD22 last year when she turned 21. We are in a "until 21" state. That was soooo awesome to have it drop. Another two years and seven months until it stops for SD18. Who is not going to college and not working. The CO stated until 21 or not enrolled full time in college but DH allowed the phrase "and self-supporting" to be added. So she can sit around BM's house doing nothing for the next 2 years and 7 months and BM still collects CS for her because she is not self-supporting. SMH. Sometimes I want to throttle him for his stupidity. Who would agree to something like that? Argh.

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Isn't your BM the one who called it "immoral" to stop paying CS on the adult 21 year old?

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Never count out that there's no way a kid with crap GPA will get into a college. There's ALWAYS a community college or some type of school that's willing to take your money.

I've also seen BMs who try to have their kids diagnosed with some kind of "disability" so that the CS train won't stop.

Don't put anything past them.

Breathe easy when the court order is filed that CS is over. Until then, bitches be crazy.

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10 months left here... turns 18 in April and graduates in May! Wooooo hooooo!

Congrats to you! Let's hope these next 10 months go by fast.

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No CS here but SS16 ages out in 17 months (he will probably still be in juvie then) and SD will graduate in 33 months. Luckily, DSO feels that when a kid is 18 and graduated, there is no more 'visitation' and they need to figure life out on their own.

DSO got full custody when they were 9 & 10, I have been counting this down for 6 years and so happy we are under 3 years now.

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We just stopped CS for SS18 this month! WooHoo!!!!

Down to one kid on CS for 23 more months. BM did ask us to keep paying for SS18 through the end of the justification for it, just thought we should for some reason. Bright side, DH said no way. Bad side...he's now started spending more directly on extras for the skids who have aged out (car repairs, educational trips and other opportunities, phone bills...etc.) I wouldn't mind except that it's my money right now until his business picks back up. We had a little talk yesterday after he got back from an impromptu weekend trip with SS18 to help him get to a trade workshop he was interested in attending. SS paid for the workshop on his own (about $250) but DH paid for all trip-related expenses (also about $250). I calculated what we've spent directly on skids since four months it's been about $1500, not including child support, groceries or entertainment on skid weekends, incidentals, their portion of the cell phone bill, or trips (we've had two SS weekend trips and one SD trip). With those things, it's probably been 5-6K in four months. For kids who are stb20, 18, and 16 Sad

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Nope. This is a 21+ state. SD will be 18 in November but CS will drag on for another 3 yrs at least. OSS accidentally emancipated himself shortly before 19. The Girhippo was PISSED that we found out he had moved out before 21, thanks to my faux FB acct. She was fully intending to say nothing and continue to collect as she has done in the past with orthodontics bills, etc.

YSS is 13.5 so a looooooonnnnnng way to go. Twelve years down.