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One kid, really?!!

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So we run into a some girl SO new from his past, and she asked him how he's been and how many kids he
has now and this punk replied with (one). Really???? We're not married but we live together and he sure the hell disciplines and gives them chores. He's been asked before how many kids he has by other people and he has said 3 or one and two step kids. Not sure if I should make this a big deal or not. How would you feel if you heard your SO/DH not include your kids when asked how many kids he has??


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I say none when anyone asks me. Now if my SO were there and the question was directed to the two of us I would say I have no but SO has 2..blah blah. I have no kids. I do not dislike my Skids but they are not mine and I do not feel as if I have any right to claim they are.

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My DH will reply 5 when he is asked how many children he has. But we both add " we have 8 children between us". I don't think SO did anything to intentionally hurt you.

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If it were consistent, it wouldn't bother me. Largely because I would most certainly not claim SD as mine if asked about my children.

The thing that would bother me about this is that he seems to typically say 3 or the 2 and 1 bit and eitht the old girlfriend it's just 1. If I were ever worried about DHs faithfulness, that would bother me and I'd inquire why the distinction.

My initial thought is it's an ex or whatever and somehow in his male mind, it sounds better if he only has one kid. It's an ego thing I'd think, and I'd probably ask about it. But I don't think I'd be mad about him not claiming children that aren't his. I know some SM's around here would get pissed if DH Did claim them.

If it bothers you, say something or ask him what gives.

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Well I would be ok with it if he always replied with one, but not sure what happen this time, guess if its a girl he use to party with he will reply one but the rest of the world he'll say 3... I need to start saying 2 myself instead of three. I'm over it, thanks ladies not gonna let it bother me:) I'm not gonna let it ruin my day.

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Aeron, I agree. I don't have trust issues at all. I guess I wanted him to say three, and because he sure acts like a dad and disciplines them more then I do, but hey I guess my kids only have one dad and that's it. I'm not claiming his daughter from this point on. This has just made things a little clearer. I shouldn't be claiming his daughter as he shldnt claim mine and if we do then that's ok to.

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PS - my son only has one dad, why is that a problem? should I be looking for a 2nd dad for him?

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SO text me with (Wish I didn't say that!! Sorry babe that's not how I think!) I replied with. (There not ur kids so I understand . ) and his response was (Fuck! Thanks that sucks to hear, U love to argue u know that!! If u really feel that way than u should not be around me! But I know u know i treat them like they are mine!) Guess I started an argument :jawdrop:

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I tell people I have no kids because I don't. DH has one kid and when asked, that is what I tell people.

I don't think he did anything wrong, he responded to a complicated question with a simple answer.

ETA - my apologies. I just read your last two responses. You bothshould put this issue aside until you're other able to speak about it without the hurt feelings. I'm sorry things got a little heated.

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