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Electronics issue

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So SD12s two-year old Chrome book bit the dust. Not a big deal, it was used both for school and other stuff (a LOT of other stuff but I'm digressing...) and it survived as well as it could have. And it's at the end of the school year.

DP gave SD12 his old laptop to use, but the charger cord is broken (how many cords do SD12 and DP go through in a year because they aren't taken care of? And why do I keep my extra cords in a hiding place and go bonkers if someone takes my cords - pink color cords are mine - without asking if I leave them out...).
So he orders a new cord. But it's for a different model and doesn't fit. Weeks ago - still hasn't returned it for a refund.
Then he orders ANOTHER cord the other day via eBay. For correct model but it doesn't fit either...don't know why he doesn't order through manufacturer and this one can't be returned.

Now he's PO'd.
So he gives SD12 another laptop, because he has all these old laptops that sort of half-function well lying around. She says NO, she wants a Chrome book. I guess he got a lot of attitude about HER Chrome book, SHE wants it, why doesn't DP fix everything NOW. Well, that didn't go over well with him. He's in the midst of a job search (his contract ends the end of this month) and is cutting expenses. So she got filled in on how money doesn't grow on trees, use what she's given and stop complaining and asking for the 'latest and greatest' because she won't always get it. Because, you know, SHE ALWAYS HAS GOTTEN WHAT SHE WANTS IN THE PAST. This is the second big NO DP has told her - GOOD for him.

He always gets so upset at telling the SDs NO. Like, visibly shaken. But he's doing it! He said to me that "BM can very well buy her the next Chrome book because I'm sick of buying everything for them!" Which he does, down to socks.

So this'll get interesting. I am looking forward to summer actually, less back and forth, no homework or school projects or presentations...yay!


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HA! Yes, we have noticed this phenomenon. And it indeed appears to be not working properly, more than just charging issues.

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Yes, this is for sure.
He has made very good money in the past, but also had almost no down time. This past year we bought a house and he also cut down on work so he could have some free time, which was great. But he didn't stop the spending until a couple months ago. I found out when he was freaking out about paying something but he had no money mid-month.

So we've been working on cutting expenses (hasn't been my issue, but I've helped him cover a couple emergency things) and he's been open to talking with me more about it. I was raised by a finance/banker so was taught to manage money and an early age. DP couldn't save for the life of him, but he's better now.

I don't bail him out at this point since he has to learn and he's learning! If we need groceries, I don't go out and buy a new Kindle...