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I'm just aggravated tonight. The way these brats talk to their dad drives me insane.

SD14 has three D's. A's in the classes she likes, but online school makes it impossible to pass the classes she doesn't like, supposedly. Her story is: neither the paper the school mailed us with her grades, nor the online portal, are accurate. She's completed more than every source says she has. How do you get a D- in PE? PE you don't even have to physically show up for? Simple. The stupid school requires you to download a specific App for that one class, and her phone won't download it. Huh? What do the kids without Smart phones do? And why are they issued chrome books if the school is going to give them tasks that can't be completed on it? It's bullshit. But when DH told her it was bullshit, she had a meltdown, and her mom came to her defense. "Half the kids in America are having the same problem." Really? 

This is how it always is. The kids push, talk back, even lie until they get a reaction. Then they whine to their mother and she gets all pissed off. Doesn't she care that they'll be adults shortly? And if they don't do well in school, they might not even graduate. On top of being lazy, selfish and rude, they'll be dumb. 

I seriously suspect she's purposely trying to cripple them, so they'll always need her.


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Just pop the popcorn and watch the show. Rule #1: You cannot care more than the bio parents. 

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Bring your phone here Dear Child. We'll try to download it together. 
(My guess ---Surprise it downloaded)

Oh, Dear Child. If you completed them, they should be in your saved documents. Let's check so you can turn them in now. Oh, they are not there. It's too bad you have to do them over, but since you already did them, doing them over should be easy and fast.


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It seems like all the kids learning from home have some D's right now, even the good ones. My daughter is just a toddler and I'm so thankful I don't have to deal with online school and have her falling behind. That does mean that I have no idea how it works, I just know that lots of people are struggling to get their kids to do work, but the amount of work seems to be way less than normal. There are just too many distractions at home and no one is forcing the kids to do anything more than log in and check the box. Hey if I was a kid I wouldn't want to do online school either.

BM says SD has all As but won't give DH access to her portal. DH even says "BM really seems to be trying to make sure I know SD has all As" he's suspicious because he thinks that BM underestimates SD and is surprised by the grade, I think it's because she's hiding bad grades. BM has always maintained that SD has all As, always. I have my doubts.