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UBER pissed at STalk

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i have no idea what the problem is, but ever since admin did the security updates, i have the hardest time on this site.

since that fateful day, when i open in chrome it does not display correctly - no pictures, no offsetting comments and replies, all the links are displayed as hyperlinks, i mean WTF.

so i go back to firefox. STalk displays just fine there. but there's a dang reason i dont use firefox!!!! mine is glitchy and slow and leaky and in general irritates the f*ck out of me to where i close it out of frustration. and yes it's the latest version!

so i downloaded opera. NOPE, STalk displays the same way in opera as it does in chrome....

THIS is part of the reason i havent been as active on STalk lately. and IT SUCKS.


GAH. any techies out there with any ideas?


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I'm having the same issues too Tuff. I cleared my cache and everything and it's still looks like that.

I blame the Mean Girls Group... it must have been them Wink

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*sobs* i only had two add-ons, disabled both of them. no dice.

i tried safari for windows. safari cant establish a secure connection with the STalk server.


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I use Chrome. I had to click the page compatible and add the website. Haven't had any problems since.

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classy - what do u mean "click the page compatible" and add it? not sure where u do that...

and lady - no, just STalk; yes AVG (should i uninstall??) and chrome's been shut down, cleared out, reopened and computer shut down/turned on many, many times since this issue started.

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i'm ALWAYS incognito! Wink Wink Wink i actually do always use an incognito tab for everything.

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this is the latest version of chrome. and macafee is installed but i dont use it. i use advanced system care, and malware fighter. why? would it make a difference?


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Use the Google help and type in compatibility. There is other fixes you may try to that are in the help section. I use work computer which uses Explorer 8 and google. The compatibility is changed in the IE.

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Since the updates, it will post my reply multiple times or put a reply in a completely different thread. It is more " glitchy "