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They’re all a$$holes

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Back to school means a lot of paperwork, a stack for each of the three kids. My guy doesn’t do paperwork, so I settle in (before any of you say anything, he does a lot of stuff for me too). I have to have the kids sign some stuff, and when I call SD12 in to sign hers, she’s snotty! “Why are YOU  the one signing these? (Sneer, disdain)” What I wanted to say? “Because neither one of your parents are doing their freaking job! You’re welcome!”

Then after I start filling everything out, the ex calls and gets pissy, says she already filled everything out. Doesn’t make any sense because she hasn’t had them for a week and she didn’t go to the orientation events or anything. So my guy starts asking her questions and finds out she just doesn’t want me doing it; she’d rather do it when she gets them Wednesday. Fine by me, except that I’m half way done by that point. Then she calls back and says we can fill out the chrome book permission slips, because you have to attach a $20 check, and she doesn’t want to pay it. So I do that, fill out the forms and checks for the chrome books, only to have my guy complain that I filled out three different checks. I pointed out that they’re being turned in with three different forms, for three different kids, to three different teachers, and he insists I did it wrong. At which point I have a meltdown about SD12 giving me shit, her mother complicating everything by another half assed attempt at partial parenting, and his BS. I end up shouting at him, “Fuck you! Fuck every fucking one of you!” Which I have to admit is not constructive.

So I storm off to the shower, and when I get out, I’m still mad. He has to push it by asking if I’m done being grouchy! So I tell him only if he’s done being an asshole!

Now, we appear to be at an impasse.


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Not to fill out forms, so DONT fill out any forms.  Let BM do it like she want to.  What happens will happen  You did your best 

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Easy Don't fill in the forms, if kids complain they not done tell to get their parents to do it.  He complain tell him he the parent not you therefore not your problem.

If you keep doing it, they will treat you like this.


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Cancel the checks, throw away the forms and let them do it...just as they asked.  Nothing like doing just as you're asked.  Wink

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The kids have 2 present and involved parents.  At least one of those parents is willing to actually do the the mundane parenting stuff.  Step back.

If the forms are turned in late or items are missing, they will figure it out.

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It seems clear that SD and her mom don't want you involved. DH doesn't support or appreciate your being involved. Yes, they are all axxholes.

So take the hint and step back. Waaay back. If things don't get turned in on time too bad, so sad. Don't fix it for them when it blows up either. 

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We all blow up sometimes. My DH said something jerkish. I told him he was an a$$hole. It happens to everyone.

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I have a rule... you can ask me to do something to help you out... but you do not get to tell me "how" to do it.  I mean, if you are going to give me crap when I am doing something and crap for being lazy.. I would just as soon get the load of crap for being lazy.. at least then I won't have put myself out.

When I do paperwork for my DH (which I also do help him).. I fill out the info and then give it to him to sign.

Now, re the 3 checks.. it sounds like you are right... but even if one check was ok.  what difference would that make to the school.. I can send 3 checks to pay one phone bill if I want... they WILL cash them

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They are all being assholes, but this made me laugh-

I end up shouting at him, “Fuck you! Fuck every fucking one of you!” Which I have to admit is not constructive.

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I stopped doing things for skids and H. I had to. I still handle the finances, make sure the bills are paid, etc. Here is a laugh for you. Last week BM - spawn from Satan, started texting H telling him that we are pathetic for only putting $20.00 at a time in SS's lunch account. He told her if she was so worried about his lunch account she is welcome to put $$ in. She told him that skids are skin and bones and we wanted to take care of them so we should be taking care of them. I told H he should tell her to thank her lucky stars skids take after his side of the family and NOT her FAT A$$ side! Then the next day, I went online and put $20.00 in SS's lunch account. And since I now know that putting only $20 in eats at her, that is what I'm going to do for the rest of the year. ROFL

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This is why I stopped doing anything regarding skid a long time ago. Even when SD was still with us. The first time she or BM gave me cr*p over something I just dropped the ball and said 'it's all yours, go ahead'.

I knew that BM was lazy and uninterested. Only mouthing off for the sake of getting at me. Before long SD was whining that she had no one to to certain woman type tasks such as take up her trousers etc. What a sob story.