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Jesus answers Prayers

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So, a few months ago I lost custody for the academic year for my son. My ex hacked into my account on social media and found that I was venting one day of having all 5 kids. Anyone that has 3 kids or more, lets be serious, its over whelming right? A private conversation with someone that doesn't even know my sons father and I were talking and I was venting how irritated I was because they couldn't get along that one day. Can you believe in irrelivancey to the case that statement made me loose my child? The only I have raised for 4 years by myself? His father has no relationship like a father and son should have. My son brags about his stepmom and talks about his ma'am-maw and grandma, nothing about his father?

Of course, I wasn't happy. Today I am going through a lot. His daddy is trying to officially boot me out of his life. IF it wasn't for my God, lawyer, and his lawyer--actually, I probably wouldn't have seen him in awhile. This past week, I have spent so much one on one time with my son. The joys of a lil 4 1/2 yr old makes me feel like an amazing mother. I did great raising him. Mindful, manner like, expressing so much, and how much love he has for me as his mother. I could never be prouder being a mother. I had to do the hardest thing, and sit him down and tell him he will be staying with daddy for awhile because the judge thinks its best for him to stay with him instead of mommy. (even though the courts insist that I do not say anything, which a great relationship with a mother and son, I don't think so. He needs to know that mommy did not abandon him and I love him very much.) Angry he is... but atleast he knows I love him very, very much.

I return to meet his step-mother 6 hour drive tomorrow morning. (yes stepmother, it should be the father, right? No father always has an excuse, his excuse is I don't have a drivers license.. well so, still ride along because its your son) Yea right, it hasn't happened since my son was born...the courts made her do it, and accepted a lousy excuse from him.

It has been a long few weeks. One week, changed my world, and helped me to stand strong. Thanks for the power of prayer, and the power of my Jesus. I filed an appeal. Today I was told I needed to pay my lawyer $3,000. in order to start the process. Ha,.. I almost fell out of my seat. Why? Because currently my husband had gotten laid off, and I am not working. My husband left for a training class to be paid by the VA to start his own business in stone making. I am to start school in the next few weeks so I can help him (office/Business Management).

My mother, and I prayed and cried because we weren't sure how we are going to come up with that chunk of change to give my lawyer in 48 hours. This is my testimony. 3 hours later, a friend of my moms that had no idea the amount needed, called and said I was told by God to wire the exact amount for you and your son. You fight for your son and keep God by your side.( He hears. )

I did my bible study today. Its just amazing how everything is coming together.

Prayer Releases God's Power

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

How many times have you heard someone say, "All I can do is pray"?

All I can do is pray?! You might as well say to a starving man, "All I can do is offer you food," or to a sick person, "All I can do is give you medicine that will make you well, or to a poor child, "All I can do is buy the toy you most want for your birthday."
Praying unlocks the doors of Heaven and releases the power of God. (James 4:2) says, " You do not have because you do not ask." The Bible says, " Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God" (Phillipians 4:6).
This is true not only for your needs but the needs of others. So often our prayers focus only on ourselves. But God wants to use us, through our prayers, to touch the lives of other people as well. For whom should you be praying this day?
A lot of you have read my blogs. They have been me venting, not very Christian like. But its normal for us to vent. I am a new Christian. I was baptized February 2014. I am learning to walk and change my life. I have faults and I am not perfect. But today has opened my eyes to a miracle. But my life has changed much since I have given my life to Jesus. I am learning every day to lean on him and to seek forgiveness in my actions as an every day sinner.

I just wanted to share my story.


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Biggrin Congratulations! Knowing that you have God on your side during this battle has to be an extreme relief!